Best Crypto Information Websites: Beginners to Pros

There are thousands of publicly available sources of rich information on cryptocurrencies. Many traders prefer to turn to news sites for quick crypto updates, some of the investors like to look at more data-driven tools or study and analysis made by narrowly focused publications. As there is no universal approach to learning about trading and peculiarities of crypto or making a specific list of resources that are best for getting information about cryptocurrencies, here are some recommendations on proven sources.

Information from official sources

Specialized websites that have earned a high reputation worldwide and cryptocurrency blogs organized by different exchanges are a perfect place to find up-to-date information about cryptocurrencies.

The world’s most popular website for tracking cryptocurrency prices, CoinMarketCap, will be an indispensable aid in the rapid growth of the industry. Another similar crypto data aggregator is CoinGecko, on its platform investors will always find the latest news, reviews and analytical articles.

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The status of a completely independent source also earned TradingView, which is a service that provides an online chart of the movement of quotations and a professional social network for traders. The charts show the price movements of various assets, stocks, bonds, futures, fiat and cryptocurrencies. TradingView is now directly linked to Glassnode, a blockchain data provider that provides advanced onchain metrics and tools for digital asset holders.

If you need to learn even more about the nuances of crypto trading, you should check out CryptoQuant, which publishes daily analytical reviews, fundamentals and trading patterns for various cryptocurrencies. The analogue of this resource is Sentiment, traders can choose the most convenient option, or use both to get a more encompassing picture of the market.

Always being one step ahead

For those who want to get the most out of the crypto industry, we especially recommend looking into more crypto advanced materials such as highly specialized courses, professional literature, private research and mentorship.

Advance crypto academy will be a great way to gain comprehensive knowledge of the crypto industry and become familiar with as many crypto projects and their potential as possible. Private academies have a huge number of monthly subscribers, share their experience, quality content and up-to-date information about cryptocurrencies. Discussions and workshops held in the crypto community are also reliable sources of crypto news and updates, as such intellectual debates are based on personal experience and contribute to a deeper comprehension of the industry and the market.

YouTube for beginners and experienced traders

YouTube has become the most popular source of information with lots of educational content. When researching cryptocurrencies on YouTube, you should only trust reliable professional crypto traders who share their experiences, as well as collate statistical data and combine this information with other detailed and specialized research.

Twitter as one of the fastest news resources

Many specialized publications and top traders often publish important signals on Twitter, as well as cryptocurrency news briefings. In this case, it is important to choose only professional traders who you think are well aware and knowledgeable about the subject and look for cryptocurrency-related hashtags so that crypto information comes straight to your feed.