Best Couches for Dog Owners

Dogs are great. Dog hair is not as great. Dogs mean hair, drool, and sometimes scratches as well as whatever they brought in from the outside. This can damage and dirty your furniture.

Some pet owners react to this by keeping their dogs out of the living room entirely, but I think that is far too restrictive. A pet is part of your family, after all. And if you get the right couches and take the right steps, there is no reason why you cannot let your pet stay in your home.

How Dogs Destroy Furniture

The first thing to remember is that even well-trained dogs can wreck furniture. Dogs can scratch a couch’s surface with their claws. Bored dogs can either drool on furniture or start chewing legs. And in the worst-case scenario, dogs can urinate and leave permanent stains on your furniture.

If your dogs are regularly messing with your furniture, your first step should be to see if there is anything you can do to improve their moods. There are plenty of guides for how to fix a pet’s destructive chewing.

Picking the Right Material

If you want to take the time out to select a couch yourself, the most important thing to consider is the material. Certain materials are more likely to snag dog hairs or be harder to clean if there is an accident.

Leather sofas, such as these leather sofas made in the USA, are the best material for your dogs. Leather is easy to clean and repels dog odors. Synthetic leather is an acceptable substitute, though it wears more quickly. Try to also avoid smooth leather given the risk of scratches. Other alternatives are tight-weaved fabrics such as microfiber, denim, or canvas.

 Conversely, avoid loosely wound fibers such as wool or fabrics. Silk in particular is a very bad combination with dogs. It stains easily, is difficult to clean, and is also easily scratched.

Future Maintenance and Care

No matter what couch you choose to get in the end, it will not matter if you do not take tips to maintain it in the years to come. That applies to both your furniture as well as your pet.

For your pet, make to regularly groom and bathe it and give it a nice dog bed where it can rest instead of on the couch. Grooming should reduce the number of hairs that dogs shed, while nail filing can make their claws less sharp and reduce scratches.

As for your furniture, make sure to regularly clean and inspect it. Regardless of what material you are using, you should consider covering it with something whenever the dogs are on it. Some owners go all-out with plastic covering, but even a good blanket does well enough. Given time, the dogs can associate the covering with the time when they are allowed onto the couch.

There is no easy, quick, and cheap way to completely prevent yourself from worrying about your dogs and the furniture. But with the right materials and care, you can make your living room a clean spot for both you and your furry friends.