Best concrete floors types

When it comes to choosing a durable flooring option, concrete flooring is the frequently chosen flooring. The concrete flooring is usually grey in colour. However, the colour may change depending on its composition. For all those people who are not interested in the conventional concrete look, following types of flooring options in concrete are available:

  1. Dyed concrete floors:

Concrete floors are generally found in grey colour with slight changes in the shade depending on the composition and time it has taken to set in. If you are not into conventional grey colour, you can dye your concrete floor to get the desired look. For adding colours, you can choose any water based colouring agents. This colouring agent penetrates through the surface of the concrete thereby, giving a desired colour to the floor.

It is important to remember that you may not be able to get the smoothness of the floor. Rugs on the floors at different locations can be used to neutralize the roughness. It would not be easy for you to remove the concrete floor. So, dye the floor after giving consideration. However, if you still need to remove it, you can choose Rapid stripped.

  1. Polished floors:

Polished floors are a new addition to the interior designing techniques because they contribute a lot in increasing the visual appeal of the space. Finer abrasive pads are used to polish the floor. The glossiness of the floor can be enhanced or reduced depending on your personal choice. It is important to remember that polishing the concrete floor may not give you desirable results. So, it is better to get it done by a team of professionals.

  1. Chemically stained floors:

Staining with the chemicals which is commonly known as acid staining can be done on the floor to make it colourful. Chemical staining has a tendency to transform your traditional greyish concrete floors into Beautifully designed and attractive floors. Remember to choose the design that goes well with the entire interior design of the house. Since chemicals react with the floor, you should do some tests before you start this process on your floor.

  1. Concrete floors with metallic epoxy finish:

It is often thought that getting a floor that has a metal like finish would be very expensive. However, it gets really inexpensive if you choose to make your cheap cemented floor look metallic. The epoxy coating on the floor gives a high-quality finish to the floor and always guarantees to make the floor noticeable. Elegant interior designing can be achieved with the epoxy coating on your floor

  1. Concrete floors with acrylic sealers:

If you like to achieve a matte finish in the floor, acrylic sealers are best to go with. It also covers your concrete floor with a protective layer which consequently makes your floor last longer.

The bottom line:

The kind of flooring option you choose totally depends on your personal choice and the interior space of the house. Not every type of concrete flooring idea looks good on your chosen space. You may end up ruining the look of your space instead of sprucing it up.