Best Classic Patio Umbrellas to Transform Your Backyard

You spend a lot of money going to a café or a beach to relax your mind but what if we tell you that you can enjoy the feel of an oasis right in your backyard? In fact, it will not take much to transform your plain boring deck into a dazzling exotic holiday destination. All you have to do is get a classic patio umbrella and you are good to go. And for summers, you can enjoy your afternoon drinks without worrying about the harmful effects of UV rays.

We will not be entirely wrong to say that your backyard is the most neglected part of your home, especially in the summers. As much as we love to get cozy in the living room or lounge on the bed, a backyard can be your own little sanctuary- only when it’s all prepped up with the right essentials to fight off the summers! 

So read on to discover Flare Shade’s top classic patio umbrella for keeping your backyard cool. Also, make sure to bookmark this page for future reference. 

Top Classic Patio Umbrellas to Transform Your Backyard

1. Table patio umbrella

Just as the name implies, a table patio umbrella can stand in the hole at the center of a table. It looks like an oversized umbrella that can easily be held in hand. It can make up for an amazing table umbrella for having dinner or drinks in the summer. This type of umbrella often comes with its own base stand so that it can be fixed firmly without putting too much pressure on the table. Are you ready to add some extra flavor to the next time you have dinner or drinks in the backyard?

2. Cantilever or off-set umbrella 

A cantilever or off-set umbrella has a solid base that is big enough to make it stand on the side. Unlike, table patio umbrellas, the pole of a cantilever are designed on the side of the canopy and not in the middle. A table or some seating arrangement can be placed under the umbrella for you to enjoy your drinks and dinner or just have a good time with your loved ones. It also gives ample space to help you move freely across the area. So when you plan your next leisure time outdoors, make sure to stay protected under this off-set umbrella.

3. Commercial patio umbrella

Commercial grade patio umbrellas can be seen in cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and other stores with open seating arrangements. It will not only provide you shelter but will also look attractive and appealing to your guests. These are mostly preferred by homeowners who want something long-lasting and permanent. So the next time you plan to add oomph to your backyard, choose this commercial grade patio umbrella to jazz up the environment. 

4. Solar LED umbrella

Solar LED umbrellas will fulfill your days and your nights (you get the best of both). Not only is this great for covering up in the summer, but its solar LED light will also serve you by the moonlight. With this, your regular candlelight dinners can get a more romantic twist. What are you waiting for? Get the best of both worlds in this single solar-LED umbrella.

5. Custom printed patio umbrella 

Your backyard can get a more personalized look with this printed patio umbrella. If ever you plan on opening a restaurant or café in your backyard or you just want to put up your family’s name, this can make for a major highlight. Not only will it serve the purpose but it will also give a unique and stylish personalized makeover to your backyard. You can make your backyard stand out with this classic printed patio umbrella.

6. Sail umbrella

Sail umbrella is a popular choice for families with children. It is designed as a tri-cornered umbrella piece that doesn’t need any pole support. You can easily tie it above a piece of patio furniture or even on the branches of a tree for that matter. One of the major benefits of a sail umbrella is that it doesn’t need a heavy base or long pole for support. So it is more portable, convenient and safe with children around. You can simply pack it up in a box and carry it with you wherever you go. Sounds amazing right? You should definitely check it out; it looks even more amazing!

7. Palapa tiki-style umbrella

Palapa tiki-style umbrella is made up of polypropylene faux grass cover that gives it a look of a tiki hut. These not only look exotic at your home yard but are also ideal for beaches and pool outings. When using this umbrella at the beach, you can simply stick it in the sand. If you want to use it with a table however, you will need to have a base. Since it is designed with faux material, it is suitable for both sunny and windy days. Make sure to use a heavy strong base during windy weather (preferably a 70 pound base). Plan your next outing in your backyard with this classic umbrella. And not to forget, if you want to plan a theme party in your backyard, this can make for a great option! 

8.  Tilting patio umbrella

Tilting umbrella has a pivoting feature. It is designed with an additional joint so that it rotates around the pole. It is a smart choice for summers as it can shade the scorching heat throughout the day by pivoting its angle to the sun’s moving direction. Also, it is easy to install and use. It has a base of its own to help it stand firmly on the ground. 

Wrapping up…

There are multiple ways to deck up your backyard but having a classic patio umbrella is the easiest, safest and most classic way. These umbrellas are a helpful and effective way to cater to your needs. Choose one that is suitable for your backyard.

Need help picking out a patio umbrella? Contact us and get ready to transform your backyard into a complete outdoor living space at an affordable price.