Best Cities To Visit in Italy In Christmas

Italy is the southern European country which has good collections of places to visit as the cities and countrysides of Italy are just mind-blowing and attracts the travelers most.

The country is rich in history and culture which will definitely make you fall for it. There are plenty of cities which covers all the demands one travel search for, with beautiful valleys, mountains to lakes and oceans, with ancient monuments to pilgrimage buildings, with history to mystory everything.

Below we have listed the best cities to visit in italy which are worth visiting and collect your memories from it.

  1. Naples
  2. Italian Lake District
  3. Milan
  4. Venice
  5. Rome

1. Naples


Naples is situated on the west shoreline of Italy. The city holds most of the Economy of the country. The city has many hidden histories which you will get to know once you go there.

This historic city covers many historic buildings, monuments, and churches. But it also holds the modern culture and lifestyle with crazy nightlife.

Ancient ruins of the city like ruins of Pompeii, ruins of Herculaneum are mysterious to visit. The city covers many beautiful castles like Castel Nuovo, Castel dell’ Ovo. The famous museum of the city which is worth going, Naples National Archaeological Museum.

Apart from this, you may try to climb Mount Vesuvius and can take a boat to explore the island of Capri. If you are looking for any religious places in the city, then yes you will face some of the old churches of the town, San Domenico Maggiore, Naples Cathedral and many more.

2. Italian Lake District

Italian Lake District

If you are wondering to travel to mountains but want water too, then the Italian Lake District of Italy is somewhere you will get both, due to 100s of lakes in the district.

Lake Garda, the 30 miles long lake making it largest among others. Located in the north of Italy, Lake Como is rich in travelers to face the beauty of nature. The second-biggest lake in Italy, Lake Maggiore is encompassed by excellent valleys. In Lake Iseo, you will get the pleasant scenic views and furthermore many lakes are there for which this region of Italy is named as Italian Lake district.

With the sparkling lakes, there are wonderful towns surrounded which make you mood happy and will have a feeling of inner satisfaction by seeing the beauty of nature

3. Milan


Milan holds the rich history of Italy and carries out the traditional culture till not. But at present date, its the most fashionable city in the world and many fashion brand are organized here.

It is the leading financial city and also comes in the most strong manufacturing and commercial city of Italy. The city has the most old shopping mall in Italy and the second-largest fashion collection mall in the world, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The most obvious famous monument of the city which tourists don’t skip is the cathedral, or Duomo, a triumph of Gothic architecture which has a capacity to hold more than 20,000 people and is come in the record of largest churches in the world. it is one the best cities to visit in italy.

4. Venice


One of the most gorgeous cities in the country which is a combination of more than 100 small-small islands making it more beautiful to the visitors.

The city has no such roads, and the only way of communication is the canals covering each part of the islands. The cross-bridge between the city add some authenticity to the places.

Island’s mainlands are covered with churches, museums, villas which are just having wonderful architecture.

Though the building built in this region are on the water the architectures and the old and modern touch to it are just mind-blowing.

5. Rome


The capital city, Rome is said to be the “Eternal City” of Italy. Which has a plentiful of history to tell, but before then, you would lose in the scenic view of the city for sure.

Rome is a royal city with beautiful archeological sites and ancient monuments. The most famous Roman Forum is the square where you will get to know the lifestyle of Rome and the actual living way of roman peoples.

Colosseum is the area where ancient wars are fought and many more ancient historic places. Rome is full of sights where tourists come across the world to visit with their family vacation.


Italy is a beautiful country which is come in wanderlust of the travelers fond of traveling. In the blog, we have shot listed some of the most amazing and best cities to visit in Italy with the modern time to the old era. You will get all of it in this country and will make you feel good in your choice to plan your trip here. You would like to plan it again to realize the beauty and vibes of the country once more.