Best Cities in India to Move from the USA

India lies in the Northern Hemisphere of the world, and so does the USA, but India is 8,431 miles away from the USA. The USA is a developed country, while India is in its developing state. So, it is important to look for India’s best cities if you are thinking of moving to the country from the USA. Many beautiful and amazing cities in India are highly culturally diverse. Some of the most beautiful and the best cities in India to move from the USA are mentioned below:


It is not the largest or biggest city, but it is India’s capital city. Affording a livelihood in Delhi is easy, but housing is a little expensive in Delhi. There are many places to visit in Delhi, and Delhi is famous for its market and food. 


This city is popularly known as The City of Mughals and Nizams. The city offers job opportunities, mostly in the IT and educational sectors. There are countless places to visit in this city.


This city is situated in Maharashtra and is popularly known as Mayanagri. People come to this city from around the country and world to step into the movie industry. It is also the Financial Capital of India, and affording a living is quite expensive here.


The city in Rajasthan is full of beautiful architecture and popularly known as Pink City. This city carrie’s Indian Heritage and culture all over it. If you want to enjoy an urban Lifestyle with Indian culture and away from social life, then Jaipur is the destination.


This city is most praised for its contribution to the field of education. It is also a hub for IT companies and people who reside here for a good education, job, and splendid sights.


Chennai is one of the best cities in India for living and work. It has a perfect combination of Educational Institutes, IT companies, music, and beaches. But the weather here is extremely hot and humid.


 Moving to Kolkata can be a wise choice if you are looking for a modest living. This city is rich in culture, architecture, and food. It is also a good place for quality living.    

Final Words

These were some Indian cities one can move to. These places are known for temples, palaces, monuments, and forts around.