Best Cheap But Fun Toy Guns for Kids

Are you looking for a toy pistol to assist stop your child’s preoccupation with pretending to shoot and pointing objects at people?

Toy firearms are one of those items that can be difficult for parents to get. You do not want a toy gun that is so realistic that it is terrifying. However, your child desires one that does not demand a significant amount of imagination to play with.

We’ve been there, therefore we comprehend the difficulty. When we were a little more comfortable with the situation, we hunted (no pun intended) for the best toy firearms for children. These firearms fit our criteria for being age-appropriate, safe, and enjoyable to play with.

Whether you’re looking for a Nerf dart gun, a laser gun, a water gun, a pop gun, a rubber band shooter, or something completely unique, we’ve got you covered! Additionally, we will discuss the studies on the psychology of pretend gunplay so that you may determine what is suitable for your children.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Blaster

This Nerf gun will keep your children entertained for hours. The chamber contains six Nerf darts that discharge automatically one after the other. When the darts are exhausted, the youngster simply flips open the chamber and reloads; there are no buttons or locks to contend with during combat.

Extra darts and other attachments are available for purchase separately to increase the blasting power. There, Nerf has you covered.

BoomCo. UNSC Halo Blaster

If your youngster enjoys video games, he or she may be interested in the wildly popular Halo. If so, they will recognize this firearm immediately.

The toy gun manufactured by BoomCo is an exact replica of the weapons used in the video game. It includes five darts and may fire several darts simultaneously.

The darts can travel up to 60 feet, so if the children are playing indoors, nothing is out of range!

2-Pack Super-Squirt Water Guns

This toy gun resembles the water guns we all played with as children. They come in a pair, which is ideal for parents with two children or for friends who wish to play together.

Fill the tank with water and close the lid to set it up. To shoot water, the children push and pull the pressure pump on the front. These toy firearms are perfect for the beach, lake, or a hot day in the backyard.

MyPopGun’s Rifle for Duck Hunting

If someone in your family enjoys hunting, your children will likely want to participate in some capacity. This firearm will inspire them to go duck hunting. They can practice in the backyard and eventually prepare for a genuine hunt.

This firearm’s camouflage style is ideal for a realistic role-playing experience. This will assist your child in connecting the toy rifle with hunting.

Set of Parris Doc Holliday

This replica of the rifle from “Tombstone” is the perfect toy for your Western-obsessed child. The manufacturer inserted a bright orange tip on the end to alert onlookers that the item is false.

The chamber holds twelve shot ring caps, and replacements are available at the majority of toy retailers. After loading, your children only need to aim and fire.

Toy Blasters from GoSports Official Foam Fire Blasters – 2 Pack

These lengthy toy firearms are capable of rapid firing. Your youngster can either carry the firearm or aim it from the ground, similar to a bazooka. This package includes two toy guns.

To load the pistol, the foam balls are inserted into the open portion of the tube. Children may regulate the distance of the balls by pumping the handle quickly or gently. Due to the softness of the balls, the guns might even be used for indoor play on a rainy day by children as young as five.

Rhode Island Space Radiation Weapon

If you have shared the excitement of Star Wars with your children, they may desire an intergalactic toy gun. This space blaster gun will make your child feel as though they are engaged in an interstellar conflict.

After inserting batteries, the children pull the trigger to activate a variety of lights and sounds. Each set contains six firearms, so your youngsters will have plenty to share with their pals.

Six-Pack of Liberty Imports Mini Foam Dart Blasters

If you have more than one child, you understand that the youngest may occasionally feel left out. The sophistication of toy firearms is increasing, and younger siblings cannot always keep up with their older siblings.

This gun is simple to operate and can allow your young child join in the fun. It comes with 36 foam darts and is designed to resemble a rifle. However, it only contains one dart. By learning to manually load the chamber, young children can improve their hand-eye coordination with tiny objects.

iSottcom Wooden Rubber Band Pistol

Rubber band guns were popular in the past, and they are currently making a comeback. This wooden gun is eco-friendly for parents who are concerned about plastic.

It can fire up to four bands simultaneously and comes with around 50. This allows your child to have a ton of fun before having to retrieve the rubber bands again. Due to its pistol design, it is extremely user-friendly. To fire the bands into the air, simply load them and pull the trigger.

Swirlline 2-Pack Water Blaster Toy

These pistols come in a pair of blue and pink pencil designs, making it easy to identify between teams. The water range can extend up to forty feet.

To fill them, it is sufficient to totally submerge them in water. Pull the arm back to fire the pencil-shaped water gun. Perfect for family-friendly pool games that are cheerful.

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

If your family routinely entertains your children’s friends, you are likely always looking for interesting games. This toy gun comes in a four-pack so that your child’s buddies may also play.

The toy guns recoil when fired and vibrate when struck, allowing children to play even during the day. The signal’s range of up to 130 feet makes outside play even more enjoyable. In addition, there is no need to bother about cleaning or losing darts.

Children’s Halloween Costume

If you are already considering Halloween, you may want to base your child’s next outfit on these toy firearms. Included in the set are a pirate cap, an eye patch, a pirate hook, and a plastic toy rifle. The pattern is suitable for both genders, so it can be worn by siblings or passed down to playmates.

The firearms cannot actually fire anything. This is an excellent solution for children who want a gun to act the part but don’t have time to clean up spent bullets while trick-or-treating.

Bubble Gun Blower

Every infant that I know enjoys bubbles. However, when they are young, it can be difficult for them to master the concept of “blowing.” My kid suffered for so long.

With this electric bubble gun, it is simple for them to create their own. You need not bother about filling a bathtub. Simply dip the wands in a bubble solution-filled tray. Then, all your child to do is hold the trigger and have fun. You can buy this fun gun on

Police Costume Outfit

If your children enjoy playing dress-up, this plastic gun and police costume set is a fantastic choice. The kit includes a toy revolver, handcuffs, a policeman’s headgear, a badge, and additional toy police equipment.

When your children’s friends visit, they can create a whole universe with this set. The kit includes a bag for storing the equipment until the next time it is used.

Fun-Here Water Gun Party Favors

These little toy firearms come in a set of six, making them an ideal party favor. If you break convention and give it to the children before they depart, it can also serve as free entertainment.

They are nine inches long and require a tube of water to function for an extended period of time. These are geared for children above the age of three, so even your toddler may participate.

Nerf Disruptor Elite Blaster

Nerf is most kids’ favorite gun brand. This gigantic blaster cannon has six rotating drums, Elite darts, and a manual to help your children perfect their aim.

Loading is simple. Insert the darts into the front of the gun’s holes, and they’re ready to fire. The darts may travel up to 90 feet, so your children can increase the difficulty by stepping further back.

ArtCreativity Toy Machine Gun

If you’re fortunate enough to reside in a community filled with children, summer fight nights may be a thing. If your youngster enjoys participating in such games, this toy machine gun can offer something special.

The weapon may be placed on the ground or carried in the arms. It does not fire anything, but it illuminates and emits sounds when the trigger is pulled. The firearm even has a real scope to aid your child’s aim.

Do Toy Guns Increase Aggression in Children?

Recent studies have demonstrated the significance of play. Children develop physically, mentally, and socially via play. Children can test social norms and learn how to interact with others in a safe environment.

The same principle applies to gunplay. Gunplay is one sort of play that may act as a teaching tool, according to research. It could assist kids in learning how to exercise and overcome aggressive urges, as opposed to giving in to them.

In one study, children who played aggressively exhibited less actual hostility in the classroom (2). This research supports the notion that through play, children may choose which behaviors will be most effective in the actual world. In other words, gunplay may give kids a secure outlet for feelings instead of expressing them in real life.

Like most forms of play, gunplay is ideal when supervised by an adult. Gunplay may be about sportsmanship, collaboration, and the morality of good vs evil if handled right.

Researchers recommend that parents intervene if a game becomes less about strategy and more about harming and violence. Parents should also inform their children that actual firearms are not toys and can cause harm.

Check watch this video for advice on how to teach your youngster about toy firearms.

How to Select Toy Guns for Children

Consider your lifestyle as well as your children’s preferences while shopping for toy firearms. This increases the possibility that you and your children will enjoy the toy gun. Here are some factors to consider when searching for the best toy weapons.

Dart Range

If you reside in a confined area, you may wish to pick a toy pistol with a shorter range. Find one that only shoots up to 40 feet or doesn’t shoot at all. It will control your child’s ability to cause mayhem indoors through engineering.

Loading Challenge

Typically, younger children desire to play with their older siblings. Toy guns with a soft ball or dart in a hole may be more suitable for children of younger ages. Pulling out a separate chamber, like with a toy shotgun, may be more appropriate for older children.