Best Caribbean Cities You Should Visit

There are many beautiful locations to consider visiting in the Caribbean if you are planning a trip anytime soon. The Caribbean Seas pull in many tourists as most of them are cruise ship passengers while more come in on charter boats. A well-known location in the Caribbean is the British Virgin Islands which consists of 4 main islands as Tortola is the largest main island accompanied by nearly 50 smaller islands.

The British Virgin Islands are most popular for their reef-lined beaches and their yachting attraction if you plan to sail Caribbean seas amid your journey on the islands. While in the Caribbean, the main way of transportation is by sailing from island to island, especially within the tourists who visit. Many tourists make it a priority to visit The Baths on Virgin Gorda which is one of the most popular attractions located within the British Virgin Islands. A major attraction aside from The Baths is people love to visit the Caribbean to just swim and snorkel at the beaches and the reefs as reef usually contain a lot of marine life.

Another popular attraction located in the Caribbean is St. Lucia. St. Lucia is known for its music culture as it holds the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival during the springtime. Just like any island in the Caribbean, the beaches are always a sight to see as people can set out to sail the surrounding seas they can be accompanied by snorkeling. Aside from the normal tourists that visit, the island also sees many honeymooners that wind down at the beaches and hotels located on the island. St. Lucia contains a beautiful mountain range along with a strip of a mountain known as the Pigeon Island National Park which is the location of the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

Another popular sight to see located in St. Lucia is the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens that has a beautiful waterfall that if you visit multiple times throughout the year, you will notice a change in colors in the water due to the rainwater and volcanic minerals.

If one is into the scenery, the Cayman Islands may be the place to visit for you. The Cayman Islands is one of the most scenic sights to see if visiting the Caribbean. The islands are most popular with people who dive or who are interested in the idea as there are coral reefs and shipwrecks to see while participating in a diving session.

There are 3 islands as the largest island Grand Cayman is the place for cruise ship passengers to visit as it crowds the island. The two other islands Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are the main spots for divers to visit out of the Caribbean. If anyone is planning a trip somewhere, keep in mind the Caribbean is very scenic and provides different attractions for all to participate in. Imagine having your honeymoon at one of the beautiful islands located throughout the Caribbean Sea, it will be a moment to remember forever.