Best California Cities for Jobs

From sunny beaches to snow-capped alpine peaks, California is one of the most diverse and culturally rich states in America. Its sprawling and majestic landscape sets the stage for unique industry and business opportunities, making California both a great place to live and work.

Whether you’re considering a new career or interested in moving up the ladder, you’ll find plenty of thriving job markets in California. Choose a city that not only meets your employment needs but also improves your overall quality of life.

Santa Monica

With a lifestyle and community formed as a hybrid between a beach town and bustling Californian urban center, Santa Monica is an excellent choice for many different careers.

While Santa Monica’s job markets are slightly less tech-heavy than those in other California cities, people from all walks of life find roots and flourishing careers in and around the city. Looking to hire for your business? Setting up an office in Santa Monica is a great way to attract diverse talent.   

Apprentices of the culinary arts can master South Pacific, Asian American, and Hispanic cuisines. Film and television professionals in Santa Monica have access to new projects, production opportunities, and studio employment opportunities.

With job growth increasing in California near the end of 2021, now is an ideal time to capitalize on the burgeoning Santa Monica job market and secure a new or more lucrative position in your career of choice.


Nestled in California’s famous Orange County, Irvine boasts beautiful weather, gorgeous architecture, and a community designed to help all members thrive. Tagged as one of the most attractive cities in California, Irvine exhibits the best of Southern California lifestyle and an exceptionally high quality of life for residents.

Job growth in the Irvine community continued its positive trend in 2021, contributing to a total growth of over 31% in the last ten years. Many well-known manufacturers and corporations operate production facilities, headquarters, and offices in Irvine, contributing to the thriving job market and remarkably high median salary within the city.

Many relocate to Irvine to seek employment at companies such as:

●                RGP

●                CoreLogic

●                Western Digital

●                First Team Real Estate

●                Endologix

●                Alliance Medical Products

●                Mentor

●                And more

If you’re considering Irvine for your next big professional move, be sure to shop around and interview with competitive employers until you find the job that’s right for you.

San Francisco

Famous for its trolleys and rolling hills, San Francisco has a lot to offer those seeking to change or improve their current professional status. With strong ties to the famous Silicon Valley area, many technology giants are continually hiring in the city. Choose to work for well-known names such as Twitter, Dropbox, IGN Entertainment, Indiegogo, Grammarly, and more.

Tech isn’t the only sector elevating the San Francisco job market. Chefs train for years and travel across states and borders to audition and intern for restaurants such as Saison, Sons & Daughters, and countless others.

Service fields such as psychiatry, public service, and teaching offer numerous opportunities in many San Franciscan communities. Regardless of your profession of choice, you’re bound to find a well-paying position in San Francisco.

San Diego

Sunny San Diego is yet another beautiful location in California to consider when looking for employment. Because the area is home to a large naval base, the United States government is one of the city’s largest and best-paying employers. Many San Diego citizens work on the naval base in various fields, from public service to technology.

Other large operations boosting the San Diego job market include:

●                Kaiser Permanente

●                General Dynamics

●                SeaWorld

●                University of California

●                San Diego County

●                Sharp HealthCare

●                Qualcomm

●                And more

Like many California cities, San Diego also boasts a thriving culinary and arts community, attracting professionals of many skill sets worldwide.


As one of the more affordable California communities to live in, Sacramento experienced growth in both development and employment in 2021. In addition to expanding culinary, artistic, and technology job opportunities, Sacramento offers residents and professionals access to opportunities from employers such as:

●                Kaiser Permanente

●                Sutter Health

●                Dignity Health

●                University of California

●                Intel Corporation

●                And more

Sacramento’s other thriving employment markets include agribusiness, manufacturing, entertainment, clean energy, and housing. Professionals from countless fields and all walks of life can find dependable employment and a growing community of diverse and successful experts.

Los Angeles

Known the world over as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis home to people from all backgrounds and cultures. As a city that satisfies the desires of even the most eccentric traveler, Los Angeles offers an enormous citywide job market in the form of every kind of restaurant imaginable, small businesses, offices, law firms, and more.

As in many other California cities, the largest private employer in Los Angeles is Kaiser Permanente. This giant is followed closely by:

●                The City of Los Angeles

●                University of California

●                The Federal Government

●                Target Corp.

●                Ralphs

●                Amazon

●                And others

Like other areas in California, Los Angeles also reported increased employment rates in late 2021. With current conditions as they are, now is a fantastic time to take a leap and find the job of your dreams in Los Angeles.

San Jose

With low unemployment rates and a bustling and culturally diverse downtown scene, San Jose is a dream choice for anyone considering moving to California. Though living expenses in San Jose can be high, this region more than compensates for this drawback with lucrative employment opportunities, low crime rates, high education rates, and engaging and unique community life.

With its heart in the Silicon Valley region, San Jose’s largest employers make a star-studded list. Find your dream job with giants such as:

●                Cisco

●                Adobe

●                eBay

●                Apple

●                SAP

●                Hewlett Packard Enterprise

●                PayPal

●                And more

Because many of the technology firms in San Jose offer highly competitive positions and salaries, expect a challenge when interviewing. Vet your company ahead of time and set up multiple interviews before relocating to San Jose.

Plan Your Next Career Move

Find a new position in a brand new city, or boost your standing in your current career. With cities built on technology and a culinary world unique to the Pacific coast, there’s something for every kind of professional in California.