Best cakes & flowers in heart shape for anniversary

Name one person in the world who does not love to eat a cake? We all love eating cakes during all kinds of occasions be it birthdays, anniversary, wedding, break up,¬† morning, evening, nights, dinners, lunch, breakfast, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, etc. We have a countless number of situations to eat a cake but not even one to deny eating it. And when an online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore is available you would want to use it. And one such location to eat cake is your anniversary. Depending upon how many people you are calling for your anniversary your cake would also be of that size because you don’t want to leave anybody hungry.

¬†The most important thing while deciding on an anniversary cake is its taste, shapes can be given to it as many as you want, but if the cake wouldn’t be tasteful enough then nobody would want to eat it and cake for just looking at it is not at all a good thing to get for your anniversary. Suppose if you are going as a guest¬†to the same anniversary party you have to take at least one gift for both the husband and wife and a few flowers with it. But suppose if you are not able to do so then you can pick up any one of these cakes that I am listing below and use them as an apology for not being able to attend the party.

But apart from your cake, there would be many things on your anniversary that would be looked up to and people still expect you to throw a perfect party. So in order to keep everything perfect for the decoration of your house, you can order many kinds of order cake online in bangalore or anywhere else. Now comes the cake, so today I’m listing top 5 cakes in heart shape with the best taste possible and they are just apt for your anniversary.


1) Chocolate Truffle Cake

¬†Chocolate truffle cake is a layered cake of three layers but it has two kinds of icing and the base layer is that of the chocolate cake. It’s a very daring flavor for any anniversary party and for a wedding too. Chocolate truffle cake because of three layers of the chocolate is very chocolaty and the best part is that you can very easily order it in any shape and particularly prefer it in a heart shape because it looks more suitable for an anniversary party and alongside it you can decorate with anniversary flowers.


2) White Chocolate Cake 

Have you ever tasted a white chocolate cake in your life? If you have tasted that then I am sure that you might have not forgotten the taste of a white chocolate cake. It’s the most unique flavors and they short the light for all of your guests to watch and eat during your anniversary party. your frosting can be of any color you want it to be and what better than a heart shape for the anniversary party. If you are going out then you can take some happy anniversary flowers for your friends.¬†


3) Chocolate Lava Cake 

Well, nowadays there are too many Lava cakes starting from white chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, carrot, etc. But chocolate lava cake that we are discussing is a heart shape and you can write it on top of this cake “my heart melts for you” and as you and your wife cut your chocolate Lava anniversary cake lots of chocolate will flow out of it this wouldn’t just show the light to eat but to watch as guests. And if you are going as a guest at this party then you can take flower bouquets online & flowers delivery in mumbai.


 4) Strawberry Cake 

Strawberry cakes have a lot of importance in our life. They aren’t just strawberries and cream but they are very delicious and quite sugar-free, they could be treated as good for health. But the best thing of all is that strawberry cakes taste amazing and because of their pink color it would be nice to have something beautiful like a heart-shaped strawberry cake for the anniversary party. These cakes occasionally use strawberry essence because strawberries are not in the season. Suppose if you are a guest and you can think of anything for your friends last minute then you can take an online bouquet delivery as a gift.


 5) Fondant Cake 

One of the best cakes ever invented is the fountain cake because it gives you so much to do with it and there are too many designs that you can add just the normal base and a fondant over it that your cake would be the talk of the town as you are ready to cut it on your anniversary. The best thing is that fondant cakes can be easily in a bakery and you can get one in a heart-shaped floral or whatever you want it to be for your wedding anniversary plus you can add some anniversary flowers.


 6) Pink Champagne Cake 

The pink champagne cake is one of the most amazing Cakes and if not getting it made from a bakery out of the real pink champagne then it’s good to be most and a very good flavor to eat on your wedding anniversary. If you are not from an alcoholic background or don’t like alcohol with cakes then bakeries also have pink champagne essence that they use instead of the champagne. And some other ingredients to be made moist.