Best Cable TV Plans for Sports Lovers in 2022

Every one of us has an interest in a different type of sports, no matter whether it be baseball, football, tennis, boxing, or MMA. When the sporting event is aired, we can’t bear any kind of interruptions or disruptions. We are all glued to our screens and enjoy watching the sporting event while munching on our favorite snacks including popcorns, Doritos, or chocolate.

There are plenty of ways to watch sporting events, such as satellite TV, Cable TV, and streaming TV. If you want to view multiple channels for different sports without worrying about how much you pay, you can simply contact customer support of one of the best cable providers i.e. Spectrum. For all the details, dial numero de spectrum and get all your answers in Spanish.

If you can’t stop yourself from the thrilling world of sports and sporting events, we have compiled a list of cable TV plans that would not only suit your budget but also offer more than just sports channels. Let’s see what’s in those plans.


When it comes to Cable TV, you have plenty of options to choose from. Most of the service providers offer bundled package that includes cable TV, high-speed internet, and telephone services.

If you are considering cable TV to catch up on live sporting events, Xfinity is surely worth considering. This cable TV provider offers everything you need in one package whether you love to watch sports, a Friday night sitcom, a blockbuster weekend movie, or a reality show every weekday.  

The channels offered by Xfinity are similar to those provided by satellite TV. Moreover, if you are still not sure whether to go for satellite TV or cable TV, then Xfinity is here to clear your doubts. It is surely a better bargain for the price you pay and the number of channels it offers.

Xfinity offers both no-contract plans and a one-year contract plan. It also charges an additional $20 to $30 per month as you may see in the promotional pricing. However, the small hype in the price is worth paying due to the flexibility it offers.

If you don’t want to miss the next baseball league or upcoming football world cup, just subscribe to Xfinity and get all that you need to satisfy your craze.


Xfinity is not alone when it comes to cable TV services. You can also subscribe to Spectrum if you feel the starter package is under $50. Spectrum comes with a lucrative plan that allows you to watch some popular sports channels like ESPN along with other channels like HGTV, ABC, and Disney. If you want to record any show, you can also go for DVR services that allow you to record 21 hours of content.

If you want to get more than just sports, you can subscribe to the Spectrum Silver TV package. The package allows you to watch premium channels like Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime. It is worth paying more for the higher tier as it offers premium channels that others would charge you quite high – enough to break your bank.


Cox adopts a different approach when it comes to cable TV packaging. With its “Paks” option, you are given preselected channels along with one premium channel of your choice such as HBO. Later on, you can add on Paks for additional channels. It is just like ordering a-la-carte from your favorite restaurant.

If you don’t want much from the package and looking forward to essentials only, a starter package would be a great option to choose from. For instance, if you are going to miss sports channels like Fox Sports, you will get channels like ABC, TBS, and Fox.

Cox offers lucrative packages for its subscribers but still needs some fine-tuning. However, you will get more control over the channels as compared to Xfinity and Spectrum.

Before you subscribe to the Cox Paks option, it is worth to remind that the prices are higher than advertised. Moreover, DVR cost is much higher than any other cable TV provider. Before you get the credit card out and get a big shock after year, make sure to consider the cost wisely. You can also contact customer support to get more assistance.

Final Verdict   

Choosing between different cable TV providers depends on several factors – cost surely tops the list. However, you also need to look for the availability in your area and the additional cost you need to pay after the year has passed.

If you feel that you are paying much more than what you watch, you can simply cut the cord and start with streaming services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, fubo TV, and many more. Apart from offering sports channels, you can also watch on-demand content, kids’ programming, and everything you could expect from a cable provider.

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