Best Business Opportunity for the post COVID: Escape Room Gaming

In recent years, the escape room gaming industry has grown like wildfire, even during the coronavirus pandemic. If we only talk about North America, the escape room location has increased from 1000 to nearly 3000 sites, which clearly means that people liked the idea of room escape games. These games are far better than any other adventurous games. As it provides you with the best entertainment while improving your skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and time management, which is why it attracted families and individual persons, and now many companies are sending their employees for escape rooms gaming to enhance their skills.

The escape room gaming industry still has a vast potential to grow in the coming years. It has been continuously adding innovative features like “Virtual Reality” escape room themes in it. According to the gaming industry analysts, it is the best time to start this business.

In this post, we’re going to guide you step by step on how to start Escape room games business and make it profitable.

STEP 1: Start with a Proper Business Plan

A clear business plan is a key component to start any business. Without proper planning, you cannot be successful. The business planning for escape room games should include;

  • The cost of the Escape rooms Business 
  • The best location for the setup
  • Targeted market (Family, Children, Companies or Individuals)
  • Charges and Profitability of the business
  • Name of your business
  • Marketing plan 

These elements are essential to cover while preparing a business plan. It will help you map out the overall details of your escape rooms’ game business.

Step 2: Form a Legal Entity of your Business

After planning now, it’s the time of the execution. You can start by forming a legal business entity. You can choose the Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, DBA’s, etc.

Step 3: Prepare your Escape rooms gaming setup

There are two options; you can build your gaming setup from scratch. In which you need to plan various things which include themes, puzzles, hidden clues, basically the entire design of the escape room game OR you can become a franchisee and get everything delivered at your business location, which is less hectic and risk-free at the same time. This can be done by contracting escape game franchises that deliver globally.

Step 4: Get a License and Permits of Escape room game

It is one of the crucial steps of starting the gaming business. You can become a licensee from the escape game franchiseIt is necessary to take an escape room business license in the USA. In the case of failure, your business can be shut down or fined heavily.

Step 5: Get a Business Insurance 

Getting business insurance is equally critical as other elements of the business guide. It will protect your business’s financial stability at the times of unfortunate events by covering losses.

Final Verdict:

Starting the escape rooms business is not that difficult, but making it more profitable in the long term is a difficult task that requires continuous innovation. The best thing about this game is it is not copyrighted, which means you can bring as much innovation in this game as your desire in terms of high-tech equipment and escape room themes. These innovations will make your gaming more interactive and boost audience interest.