Best Business Dissertation Topics

“The operation or collection of activities to manufacture, purchase, or sell goods in exchange for money is termed as a business. “

Usually MBA students have to study this and have a hard time choosing the best subjects. Therefore, this example highlights the list of some popular business thesis topics that can be really useful for them. The sample also highlights some functional areas of the business that can be used when writing a thesis.

Best thesis topics

Business is the activity or set of activities designed to produce, buy or sell products or provide services in exchange for money. Every organization needs some kind of investment and the right customers so that products or services can be sold on a regular basis in order to make a profit. As an MBA student, you are expected to write a high-quality business thesis in the final year, which requires extensive research and good writing skills. If you want to write a worthy business thesis, you need to understand the basics of business.

Functional areas of activity

Functional areas include specific departments in a company. These specialized services perform specific tasks that support the company as a whole. The main areas of activity of the company are listed below:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Strategy
  • Technology and equipment

Human Resources: The department of HR is responsible for hiring employees in an organization. The assets are hired in the industries or organization to grow and support the business. Human Resource managers provide direction for the people who work in the industry or organization.

Marketing: In marketing, experts discover the products or services that their organizations offer to the marketplace through marketing research surveys. It helps an organization to better regulate its strategies. Marketing professionals also decide budgets for various types of advertising i.e. television, radio, and Internet ads.

Customer Service: Customer care departments provide courtesy services to the consumers, such as accepting payments, paying checks and selling stamps. Furthermore, customer service representatives resolve queries and provide information to the customers.

Accounting: The major duties of an accounting professional do several duties in an organization including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. In accounting, the payments are tracked that the company owes to repair and maintenance vendors.

Finance: Most businesses focus on this area because when they need loans or investment for forecasting and budgeting plans. It is a branch of economics that involves resource allocation and investment. Basically, it deals with the subjects related to money and the markets in an organization.

Strategy: Every organization must create mission and vision statements to determine an easy way to access specific goals. Experts analyze the market to understand the competitive landscape and new opportunities.

Technology and equipment: It involves the equipment required to operate properly the business. It is necessary to have quality technology and equipment for marketing and sales purposes.

The Most Popular Business Dissertation Topics

With this guide, we aim to provide you with dissertation ideas such as how to choose a business dissertation topic and to give useful advice on how to go about writing the research papers.

Business has a wide sector that can be divided into various functional areas. If you explore the function areas of business, you will find an array of interesting topics. Some popular and interesting business dissertation topics example are listed below:

  • A Study Of Factors Affecting Organisational Changes
  • An Evaluation Of Drivers For Change
  • Analysis Of Brand Management In The Global Economy
  • Analysis Within UK Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Change Management in the Banking Sector
  • China’s Business Culture and Management Strategy
  • Creating and Performing the Balance Scorecard
  • Critical Success Factors In The Telecoms Industry
  • Drivers And Barriers For Internet Banking
  • How Do Automobile Companies Use CRM To Enhance Customer Loyalty?
  • International Management Strategy
  • Issues regarding Strategic Alliances
  • Managing Supply Chain Vulnerability
  • MBA Thesis drafted on the Principles Behind Outsourcing
  • Performance Measurement Concepts and Practises in a Supply Chain Management
  • Price perception of a longevity derivate
  • Project Management in UK Industries
  • Quality Management And Its Affect Among Different Sectors Of The Cyprus Tourism
  • Role of the municipal council in beginning business
  • Stock Market Reactions To Merger & Acquisition Announcements
  • Strategic Analysis Of The UK E-Retail Industry
  • Strategic Information System Planning In Investment Banks
  • Structured Finance as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation
  • Success Factors of Customer Relations Management
  • The contract in an international supply chain?
  • The economic downturn has left many British companies struggling for survival.
  • The effect of strategic thinking in the corporate culture
  • The Effect of TQM on the Service Industry
  • The Future Bases For Competitive Advantage In The Telecom Industry
  • The Importance of the Automotive Industry in the Business Growth
  • The Influence Of Economic Liberalization On Indian Textile Industries
  • The Multicultural Design Manager
  • The Office Market in Central Birmingham.
  • The Positioning Strategy of Etihad Airways.
  • The report will discuss how employee engagement adds value to an organisation
  • The role of celebrity in the endorsement.
  • The role of global marketing negotiations in cross-border.
  • The UK Investment Capital Industry
  • What Factors Make A Successful Business?