Best Brands to Help You Live Your Best Life

Living your best life is what you were here to do. Find your truth, share your personality, dreams, goals, and feel good in your skin. With so many products on the market looking to take advantage of the ways, we are all the same. The brands that stand out are the ones that are trying to make a difference. Feel your absolute best by incorporating some of these great brands into your daily routines.

Supplemental is Elemental

We all know that taking daily supplements that contain healthful vitamins and minerals our bodies need can help us stay on track and meet our health goals head-on. If we look back to our middle school years, thinking of how our cells work and how they are fueled, we remember the little mitochondria working to create energy for each of our cells.

However, as we age, our mitochondria can start to produce less energy every single year. Most standard Coenzyme Q10 supplements don’t reach the mitochondria, and MitoQ set out to change that so you can see results.

MitoQ is a supplement that supports the science behind energizing our mitochondria. Mitochondria are organelles inside our cells that process and create most of our chemical energy to keep a cell going. They in everything from our food, water, air to create the Coenzyme Q10 enzyme, which helps create the energy our cells need to keep doing their jobs and fight off free radicals.

At MitoQ, they have done the research, and most supplements are too large to penetrate the mitochondria wall to supply energy to the cell. This means supplements that people were taking to get healthy that are filled with amazing ingredients weren’t making it into the cellular powerhouse or ultimately being used by our bodies.

Through research and development, MitoQ scientists created molecules that could collect inside the mitochondria and actually be used to fuel cellular energy.

Healthy mitochondria mean healthy cells, and healthy cells can fight disease and work harder to complete athletic goals. Incorporating a brand like MitoQ who is committed to your health on even the smallest cellular level, can help you reach that peak health you’ve been working towards.

Comfort that Can Work

As an athlete or even just a person who enjoys working out to stay healthy, we need our clothing to work for us to keep us comfortable and perform just as well as our bodies. These high-quality running shorts do just that.

They are moisture-wicking, roomy enough to move the way the body needs to on a run or on the court, and temperature regulating to keep you cool throughout your workout to power on and beat your timing goals. The best part, they can easily translate into stylish shorts as soon as your workout is done so you can get from the gym to home without feeling sweaty and looking great.

Curating a wardrobe that can perform when you need it to but be stylish and classic enough to be worn in multiple ways is priceless. It makes life more streamlined, making it easier for you to sneak in a workout without feeling like you look sloppy or unkempt.


Underwear has had a case of the borings in the past when whitey-tighties ruled the shelves and dominated our underwear drawers. These days companies like MeUndies are looking to change that by providing soft, breathable, and beautiful underwear that is meant to be showed off.

Express yourself by choosing fun patterns backed up by great fabrics and fabulous designs that fit every body and celebrate every body, helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin and sharing your self-expression.

MeUndies come in so many different patterns that it is hard to choose your favorite, so they also offer a subscription membership where you get to choose the undies that feel the most like you.

Choose from designs like:

  • Guacamole
  • Sleepy sloths
  • Emojis
  • Corgi butts
  • Floral and plant patterns
  • And even your astrological sign.

No matter your flair, you should flaunt it. Self-expression is self-care and helps to build self-confidence, which can help you create a happy and healthy life.

Shave Your Way

In a society that has taught us to be ashamed of our body’s natural processes like body hair, it’s no wonder so many Americans are overpaying for razors.

Women bodies have almost ten times the amount of surface area to cover as men and with aisles of measly and flimsy pink razors marketed left and right to make them feel feminine and dainty without actually being strong enough to get the job done and end the end costing the woman nearly ten times as much every year than men.

There is definitely a disparity there. Enter the Billie Razer, a brand that focuses on the strength and comfort a woman needs to get her shave done without charging her extra for being a woman. Billie was created to close the gap between men’s and women’s shaving products by creating a product that doesn’t skimp on strength and doesn’t shame women for having or not having body hair so you can shave or not shave the way you want.

Nutrition is Everything

As an athlete, you are what you eat, and these days, our schedules are so overpacked that it is difficult to source food with enough nutrition to keep you moving throughout your day with the time that you have leftover to actually cook. That’s where a plant-based meal delivery service comes in.

With so many quick, easy, and healthy options able to be delivered to your door, you can use your spare time to keep working on your health goals without feeling defeated or bored by your meals.

What’s even better is that with this service, you will receive a text when your delivery is on the way so you can meet your meals right at the doorstep when they arrive. You can even customize your delivery day and window after checkout, so you know exactly when your meals will get to your home.

This plant-based subscription service has a huge selection of recipes like:

  • Black Bean & Plantain Tofu Breakfast Scramble or a Fig Sunflower Reishi Smoothie for breakfast.
  • Chopped Refreshing Garden Salad or Cauliflower Couscous & Zahtar Salad for a light and refreshing lunch.
  • A Black Pepper Rice Bowl for dinner or Sweet Potato Satay Noodle Bowl for a beautiful and colorful dinner.

And every recipe can be customized to suit your allergies, dietary needs, and even tastes. Packed with organic and beautifully sourced plant-based proteins, vegetables, and grains with all ingredients listed for every recipe, you can dive into your meals feeling guilt-free and knowing precisely what you are putting on your plate.


As we age, it can be more challenging to get the protein we need in our diets. Especially if we take on more environmentally conscious lifestyles and meal choices, make sure you are getting the protein you need to build strong muscles and keep your brain healthy and functioning well. Four Sigmatic brought us the fantastic and magical mushroom coffee to keep us in the right headspace and fuel our brains, and now they are using their expertise to create a protein that provides the energy source our body needs and craves.

Uniqueness Comes in all Types of Packaging

Taking care of our bodies and feeling good in our bodies should be lauded as the same thing as feeling good is taking care. Whether you are looking to feel your best with what you wear or feel your best from the inside out, these brands are the best at helping you feel good and, most importantly, that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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