Best Apps for Removing Image Backgrounds

Using other apps to remove backgrounds from images can be a good option for people who use photo apps. You can remove people from a photo who accidentally appear in it.

It is also possible to use a specific element from a photo or illustration for certain projects, such as a hashtag idea for Instagram – and if you want to get popular on this platform, check out the best apps to get Instagram followers – or a banner. It might not always be easy to remove backgrounds from images, especially if you are not familiar with photo editing software.

In addition, there are a number of apps that help you remove the background from your image if you don’t have enough time to learn photo editing, but need to do it nonetheless.

Here are the 9 best apps for removing the background of an image if you’re one of these people. Android or iOS smartphones and web browsers can use these apps!

Top 9 Apps to Remove Backgrounds

In this article, we have concluded the top 9 apps you need to know to remove backgrounds of an image.

1. Bg Eraser

Bg Eraser is currently the most popular AI-based machine learning tool available on the internet, as it is the only tool that is designed specifically to eliminate background and unwanted objects from images to make them transparent, and it is based on artificial intelligence.

It helps you remove background from images online no matter what the image is. It works great for everyday use even if you do not have a lot of experience with editing.

Apart from removing backgrounds, this tool is winner in removing objects as well with super accuracy.


Any image can be removed from the background with one click using this website. does this automatically so that all the user has to do is to upload the picture which they want the background to be removed.

Then you will be able to remove all the backgrounds from your best photos within seconds. It is important to note that this can only be done with photos that have faces in them

Taking into consideration that the development team of the software has already informed its users that this limitation is a temporary one, and that you will soon be able to remove background from images where there is nothing to be seen.

3. Background Eraser: superimpose

A Background Eraser app is one of the best apps available to remove the image background from an image that is solely dedicated to this purpose. As long as you touch the area you intend to remove in order for the app to begin its work, all you have to do is touch it.

It also has the option of removing elements that are similar to the background using the Target option, so that it can be more precise when removing elements. Among other features of this software, you will be able to split images, as well as make adjustments to the saturation, color and exposition, among others.

If you want to replace the erased background with something else, you can do so. Only the iPhone is compatible with Background Eraser: Superimpose.

4. PicWish

Among the many tools that are available, PicWish is one of the best that I have come across. In early 2022, this background remover app was released, and its AI cutout technology has already been proven to be very advanced as compared to prior versions. If you compare this app to similar apps, your accuracy won’t be affected.

If you own a small business or are a reseller of the product, you should not miss PicWish if you are one. In order to ensure that the desired product photo sizes are set across all eCommerce platforms, it creates a setting.

PicWish can be considered as an easy-to-use background eraser based on my experience with it. It’s just that the only thing you need to think about is that you have to pay in order to lock all the features. It offers a 7-day free trial and discount for an annual subscription.

5. Apowersoft Background Eraser

The first thing to keep in mind is that for a photo background removal app, Apowersoft Background Eraser is a highly user-friendly app that can be utilized on iPhone, Android, and PC. By using this app, you are able to remove the image background automatically with a single tap on the screen. All you have to do is upload an image, and you will be able to get the exact cutout within seconds. It really is that simple and quick.

As a result of its smart AI, it makes it much easier to remove background from around the hair, even in the areas with hair. It performs well in uneven edges, as well. Additionally, the app allows the user to remove the background automatically from a number of images at the same time with a single click.

This app also offers some updated features, such as the ability to change the background, to unblur faces and to remove unwanted objects instantly as well as the ability to change the background. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, this is an all-in-one background remover that is suitable for both.

6. TouchRetouch

Whether you are using an Android or an iPhone, you will be able to use this app with all smartphones. As a perfect tool for touching up your images, it is also very effective at removing the background from images you wish to remove.

In TouchRetouch, it is possible to remove not only backgrounds from your pictures, but also a number of other elements that can stand in the way of your perfect image. Additionally, it makes it possible for you to get rid of some things that are quite hard, such as power lines, by using this tool.

As a final note, it is also important to remember that you can also use it to replace a background that you already have stored with one that you already have, thus saving yourself some time in the process

7. Ultimate Background Eraser

Back to the Android apps, we have Ultimate Background Eraser, which is one of the best background removal apps. I’ll be honest, this app has quite a posh name, but when it comes to removing the background of your photos, it is quite effective.

Similarly to the other apps in this list, this one also comes with an option for automatic removal and can be accessed with a single click, but you can also do it by hand if you prefer. In case you need to recover the backgrounds in the future, you will be able to do so.

Also, the app allows you to export your images in the format of PNGs and JPGs

8. Background Eraser – HandyCloset

There are many apps that utilize the same name as the previous app, however, this one comes from a completely different developer and is a background eraser exclusive to Android phones. There are also many games that are exclusive to Android devices as well.

Using this app is as easy as selecting the part you want to remove from the page and telling the app to remove it for you. As a result, all the similar pixels that are close to the selected image will be deleted, resulting in the background being removed from the selected image.

Alternatively, you can remove the background of the image using markers inside the app in order to make this task even more precise if you so desire. When you have created the backgroundless image, all you need to do is export it to your computer and use it wherever you like.

9. Pixelmator

In addition to TouchRetouch, Pixelmator is another photo editor that is capable of removing the background of your picture in a similar way to what TouchRetouch does. Furthermore, it can also be used as an excellent alternative to Photoshop.

Aside from this, it also includes a “cloning” tool, through which you can copy elements and image sectors and paste them elsewhere, for example, to create a copy of the element. Only iPhones and Macs are supported by Pixelmator, which is an application that can be downloaded.

Final Thoughts

We have compiled a list of some of the most powerful tools that you can utilize to quickly and easily remove image backgrounds from images. Feel free to try these tools out on your phone or computer, and keep the one that works for you.

We hope this article turns out to be helpful to you. Don’t forget to share it with you fams.

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