Best Anonymous Hosting Provider That Protects Your 100% Privacy

It is very important to keep our data safe when we host a website, Anonymous Hosting helps those people who want to hide their identity, this can be a case of political affair or some celebrity news controversy. 

In simple Terms you can host your website and get Bullet Proof Hosting without any illegal trouble and this type of hosting is called Anonymous Web Hosting. It’s the greatest answer to private Hosting in India. 

In Anonymous Hosting the provider neglects DMCA, Ignores Requests and contacts clients before removing any data on content from the users database.

Why Choose Anonymous Web Hosting?

Anonymous web hosting is ideal for those individuals who prefer to cover their character. You can pick a plan that can be modified and it permits you to make payment anonymously. Assuming you are a columnist or a blogger, it’s a decent alternative for you.

What is Anonymous Hosting?

It is like private hosting, the companies which allow Anonymous hosting wont ask any of your private details they even offer you a very secure and private payment method, BitCoin.

Yes you heard it right, the companies will accept the payment in BTC’s and anonymous Hosting is basically for those who prefer not to reveal their identity. A very basic example is Adult Site Owners, Torrent Site owners.

 How Anonymous Hosting is Different from Shared Hosting?

Well there are a number of differences between both Anonymous Hosting and Shared Hosting. 

Anonymous HostingShared Hosting
It is a type Private Hosting with all details secured.It is like a public bus and you are struggling to get a seat.
In Anonymous Hosting no will get to know what technology you are using. In Shared Hosting everyone uses the same technology with the same specifications.
You will have your own resources and nobody will be able to access it.You will have limited resources and you have to share it with other members. 

For Example: I will give you a very basic example, Anonymous Hosting is Simply a private bus in which only you are going to a location, In Shared Hosting you are in a public bus in which many passengers are going to a place.

Now you know the difference between Anonymous (Private, Personal) Hosting and Shared Hosting.Also, Check How to troubleshoot Avast VSE Windows Update failure

Factors for Choosing a Best Anonymous hosting provider

There are many factors you must keep in mind before selecting an Anonymous Hosting service from an Hosting Company.

As we all know Anonymous means to hide the identity so it’s better to check that the company is giving you the proper security and privacy before hosting your website, Ultimate benefits for customers to buy Instagram accounts for brand promotion.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • Payment Gateway must be private
  • NO personal information is required
  • Only Email is required
  • Accepting CryptoCurrency.

Rules For Anonymous Hosting

There are certain rules and you must follow them all, to be a part of the system, you can’t just ignore everything and be a part of Anonymous Hosting.

There are rules and regulations which you must follow if you want your data to stay safe and untouched.

– DDoS/IP spoofing attacks and/or scripts

– Packet flood scripts

– SIP scanners

– IP spoofing attacks

– Scanning or hacking scripts

– Terrorist or terrorist-related websites

– Botnets

– Anything associated with malware distribution

– Phishing websites

– Selling replica items

– Any content that promotes violence or hatred towards a specific race, ethnicity or group

– Spamming

– Mass mailing

– Scam websites or involved in fraud

– Underage nudity

– Brute Force attacks

– Packet Flood scripts

– SIP Scanners

– Illegal pharmaceutics/substances, including steroids

– Websites involving fraud or theft

– Anything associated with hacks or cheats

– Reverse proxies

– Vulnerability scanners

What are the Best Anonymous Hosting providers?

There are many companies giving Anonymous Hosting with cheap pricing, and here we will tell you some of the best Hosting Providers which will not compromise your privacy.

  • Anonymously- Anonymous hosting with just your email. They do not share your activities with any third-parties. They ignore DMCA, and they always contact their client before any suspension takes place, as long as he or she doesn’t violate our prohibited rules list.
  • Shinjiru – Shinjiru is a Malaysian offshore web hosting provider which puts identity and privacy protection first, making them a great pick for anonymity purposes. They accept Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Namecheap – Namecheap is a very cost effective option and it’s a good option for the one who doesn’t want to spend too much for anonymous hosting. They only accept Bitcoin and Bit cash.
  • Flaunt7 – Flaunt7 offers affordable DMCA ignored hosting in the Netherlands. It provides extra security features, and no ID or verification is required.


Well Anonymous Hosting Means you want to keep your identity a secret simply want to ignore DMCA requests, for that you need an Anonymous hosting provider which will contact you before removing any of your files from their database.

Follow the Guidelines for Anonymous Hosting for no future issues and make payment with crypto currency, keep your identity a secret.