Best and Free Job Portals in India (2021) to Apply Job!

Finding  employment is the priority of every young person. A few decades ago, people’s only choice was to “know someone” who would refer them for employment or browse through the classified section of newspapers. In fact, it was a time when government jobs were the only good professional choice for many talented Indians.

Thanks to economic liberalization, multinationals have expanded extensively in India over the past 25 years. In every sector, there are a multitude of companies that work with huge employees.

As India’s economy grows leaps and bounds, there is always a need for talented professionals to work for these companies. With that, there has been an increase in the number of job portals. It is estimated that more than 80% of vacancies are filled by the top 10 job portals in India.

Moreover, most of India’s population is under 35 years of age. With a young technology-savvy population, job portals provide easy access to several lucrative careers.

The question remains as to which one is worth browsing. Ideally, employers would like to have all the options available under one roof. In addition, the quality of the job portal determines the quality of job vacancies advertised on it.

For you, we have decided to do in-depth research in this area. Below, you will find the list

The best job portals in India are created for your convenience and convenience:


JobGrin is India’s most popular job portal focusing on providing the most efficient resources to employers and the best job to job seekers within India.

Their goal at JobGrin is to assist people in finding the greatest employment. The team is always working to locate the top prospects quickly, and candidates can receive the finest job possible. They believe in a collaborative work environment that seeks to provide the best possible experience for job searchers. As a result, their Vision is to create a world where everyone may find the work or workforce they choose, wherever and whenever they desire.

The site will give real-time access to thousands of available jobs in various places for job seekers. They’re updated regularly, so you’ll always know what’s new. In addition, they collaborate with businesses as an industry leader, delivering cutting-edge solutions for everything from recruitment to employment screening and human resource management.


While all the multinationals are expanding in India, some good jobs still remain in the public sector. In fact, government employment offers stability but also many privileges and prestige that you do not get in private employment.

Moreover, for those who live in small towns and villages, government jobs are the best field and you can build a truly amazing career without the need to move to the big city. is one of the most popular job portals for government jobs in India. The website provides nationwide listings for jobs ranging from state government to public sector utilities such as Coal India, MTNL, Indian Oil.  is one of the only sites that provide instant updates every time it launches. From Indian Railways or Public Sector Banks.

Thanks to its easy filtering process, you can reduce jobs that are located in your favorite zone or in your own state. If you are looking for a government job, job search should definitely be your first and foremost priority.


Established in 1997, the company name itself means “employment”. Among the first job portals in India, Naukri has expanded enormously over the years and created new ones in the world of personnel and human resources.

The company still has about 60% market share in the Indian job search market. Just look at the numbers: already has about 50 million users, and about 10,000 new resumes are updated by employers on the website every day. This is testament to the powerful chuck of people who find employment using this website.

The best part of this website is that it is one of the top free job portals in India. Most users don’t have to pay a single penny to apply for a job on this site. Users can sign up and upload their resumes instantly, and if they belong to the creative industry, they can share their websites or portfolios on their profile. Naukri, however, has now expanded its offering and has a premium subscription based service that promises to set you up with the best jobs in your domain based on your profile and qualifications.


Owned by the popular newspaper company Hindustan Times Group, Shine has emerged as a serious competitor to India’s top job portals. Many multinationals tend to post their top jobs in shine with Noukri and others.

The USP of the company is aggressively positioning those who are already employed and looking for a change. To that end, Shine has launched a number of customized services targeting young professionals. One of the best features of their website is the “Resume Builder” service. For a subscription fee, Shine gives you direct access to some of the best HR professionals and career counselors who work with you every step of the way to help you write and build the perfect resume. Once that is done, this resume will be featured by Shine to all top recruiters in your area of ​​professional expertise.

The other feature provided by Shine includes access to a customized recruiter who will work specifically for you and ensure you reach the right professionals in your resume industry. But even if you don’t want to pay, it’s absolutely right: All appointments in Shine are free to enter and apply by signing up on the page.


Monster is one of the largest job search engines in the world and definitely one of the top job portals for young professionals in India. You can actually call it the Google of the job search world.

Headquartered in the United States, Monster is a global behemoth that has made India one of its major markets. Monster job USP is in the fact that this job portal has posted a variety of jobs with international companies. So, if you are a young professional looking for a mid-level position, Monster will have some of the best multinationals competing for your attention. In addition, Monster is one of the best job portals for Indians looking for jobs overseas, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Monster tends to check and post companies that post jobs on his website. As a result, you are guaranteed that the particular advertising position and company is legitimate and reliable. In addition, Monster has expanded into small and medium business markets to focus on jobs with these companies. As a result, it is one of the best job portals for startups in India.


As the name suggests, this site is tailored to those looking for their first job. Thanks to this unique focus, Freshersworld is one of the top job portals in India for freshers.

The portal currently has a database of over 1 crore resumes and all are from freshers. FreshersWorld works with some of the biggest corporate names worldwide to get the best possible placement for those out of college with no experience. This job portal has tie-ups with more than 100 Indian cities and works with new graduates to find employment opportunities.

On their website, the jobs are organized according to the specific sector and industry you are looking for. Furthermore, there is also a separate filter to separate jobs based on their cities if you do not want to move to a new location.

Another great value provided by Freshersworld is that you can subscribe to their daily job alert emails based on your preference. In addition, Freshersworld also has an email newsletter, which posts on current business events and corporate and business world news, which will help you work brilliantly in your job interviews.


Although this is not a traditional job site, you must have a profile on LinkedIn if you are a professional. This portal is highly regarded as a networking and job search platform for professionals around the world. LinkedIn lets you create a profile and then connect with other people in the business or corporate world regardless of their location.

It is said that some good job vacancies have been filled, despite word of mouth and recommendations. This is where LinkedIn comes in. Your profile is an extended version of your resume and therefore, there is no need to create a separate one. In addition, your contacts may endorse you for a variety of skills and write recommendations that allow prospective employers to get a better idea of ​​your skill sets and qualities. Thanks to its social-networking nature, LinkedIn is an easy way to gain direct access to some of the world’s top professionals and managers without having to go through the HR department.

Also, LinkedIn has a job function where some fresh jobs are advertised on a daily basis globally. Thanks to your LinkedIn profile, applying for these jobs is just a click away without the need to upload resumes and go through lengthy procedures. LinkedIn allows you to write blog posts on topics of your expertise and share links that you have read and liked. As a result, you have access to the knowledge repository and also have the opportunity to start conversations with hundreds of corporate mentors based on your specific areas of interest.


It is actually a US-based job search engine that has now expanded to more than 60 countries around the world. The first thing that strikes you as soon as you log in to this job portal is the clean and minimalistic interface. Unlike job sites filled with words and images, they are actually more accessible and especially organized for new employers. You can almost say that this is Google for job search portals.

It’s easy to actually look for opportunities. All you need to do is log in to the site and enter the type of occupation or industry you are interested in. Then select the city of your choice and press the Search button. Thanks to its numerous filters, it makes it easy for prospective employers to eliminate confusion and narrow down the exact opportunity that suits their needs. In addition, by actually running direct employers and companies together, you can be assured that your application and resume are looking at the right people.


At first glance, you will understand that Glassdoor is not just a job portal: it’s more than that. Glassdoor’s original source is to provide a portal where employees and former employees can give honest reviews about the company. In general, people are afraid to speak publicly about large multinational companies for fear of jeopardizing their careers. Thanks to Glassdoor, employees can rate companies anonymously and write reviews for their workplace. Because Glassdoor requires you to have an @ email ID, it will ensure that reviews are genuine and written by real employees who work there.

This is a wonderful resource for job seekers because it enables you to have a clear unbiased idea of ​​the company’s work culture and how it works. For most people, work-life balance is important and job satisfaction plays an important role. Thanks to Glassdoor, you can see if the company you’re applying for is paying on time, having a free culture, and a place where you can learn something and experience career growth.

In addition, Glassdoor also allows users to upload their resumes and select their preference for the job they are looking for. Based on this, the portal connects you to recruiters and employers across the desired sectors. And the best part? It’s all free.

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