Best Alternatives to YouTube

YouTube is among the top choices of video portals, and it’s among the ones that are mostly preferred in the industry. Over the years, this platform has been hailed as a top video marketing tool. A video that has been posted on this site can still be embedded on an external website using HTML codes that are automatically generated. However, the amount of competition in YouTube is huge and more channels have emerged to compete favorably with this giant platform.

Here are some of the best YouTube alternatives that you can use for your online marketing.

1. Dailymotion

This French video portal is among the best YouTube alternatives. The number of users is growing faster globally and there is an average of 314 million active users globally. While this is just a fraction of total YouTube users, the numbers continue rising at a fast rate.

Dailymotion scores big when it comes to the upload specifications which it offers. You can upload a whopping 2GB video, whose length is 60 minutes. This is amazing by all standards, right? Also, this video platform supports varied audio and video channels such as MP4, MPEG4, avi.wmv files, and more. It’s possible to have a video resolution of up to 3,840 x 2,160, with 4K being possible. Even with the large files which it supports, the image quality is astounding. Also offered by Dailymotion is a wide range of apps, so this YouTube alternative can be used on Sony PlayStation, set-top boxes, and smart televisions.

2. DTube

This platform allows for decentralized content sharing, and in this arrangement, computers that are part of a chain can share videos, unlike in Google where the videos are stored in a drive and shared via a link. At the moment, for more sharing to be achieved, the DTube leaders are tasked with developing more parties that need to be added to the network. For a party to be added, all the existing members should vote and make a decision. This YouTube alternative, while it’s known to be somehow restrictive is famous for its wide array of security features. Design-wise, DTube is similar to YouTube and it’s good for uploading small files that need to be shared. At the moment, the blockchain video-sharing platform has about 190,000 registered users who share videos.

3. Vimeo

This is a United States video service that has been in existence since 2004. Initially, it targeted people, who wanted to upload and share artistic videos. It was founded by filmmakers and directors. On this site are high-quality curated video content and the users who are using the basic version of it can upload videos of 500mB every week? However, the amount of storage that you are allocated when you upgrade to Vimeo plus increases to a whopping 20GB every week.

4. GoogleTune

Unlike YouTube where you can access and watch videos if you have internet, with GoogleTune, you can save your favorite videos on your mobile, laptop, or desktop. With GoogleTune – The YouTube Alternative, you can stream your content hassle-free and also allow for the upload of videos without limitations. Their amazing online video editing tools make GoogleTune a fantastic choice for most users.

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