Best action game for android (2020 List)

Majority of smartphones and tablets across the globe use the Android operating system. As such, we can work, watch multimedia and play games whenever we want! Manufacturers ensure that their devices have large screens measuring at least 5 inches in size. As a result, we can play games on our smartphones and experience a realistic experience. There are many genres of Android games and the most popular one is action. The titles in this genre enable players to slash or shoot down virtual enemies to earn points and move forward through the stages. We have reviewed the best action game for android and given a preview of notable alternatives for you below.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The legendary First Person Shooter (FPS) game Call of Duty now has a mobile version that you can play in your Android smartphone or tablet. It is the best action game for android due to its outstanding characteristics. You can play it online or offline depending on your preferences. The graphics are crisp and clear so you can enjoy eye-catching realism throughout the gameplay set pieces. It also has numerous PvP modes that allow you to unlock a range of helpful items during the game’s missions. Players in Call of Duty: Mobile can pursue a campaign mode for a solo experience. In the online version, you can participate in a 100-player battle royale. You can also play the deathmatch mode for a more extreme combat experience. Best of all, it is completely free to play! Developed by Activision, Call of Duty: Mobile is the reigning best action game for Android.

Notable alternatives


Fans of retro top-down shooter games can have a blast playing Ailment. It is a classic title that furnishes you with an arsenal of weapons, full multiplayer support and a satisfying amount of violence. The retro graphics in Ailment have a nice charm to them and its controls are easy to learn. A narrative makes the game rewarding to follow and some Easter eggs keep you anticipating the action. The free version of Ailment displays an ad every once in a while. For an ad-free gameplay experience, you can pay $3.99 for the Premium version. 

GTA San Andreas 

GTA: San Andreas is an action-adventure game that was published in 2004 and developed by the Rockstar north. Carl Johnson set this game story to escape from the real-life pressure. Los Santos & San Andreas are the cities where the player can explore & interact with their focusses & leisure. It’s a gangster form game story that will explore to you a long fictional U.S. state. 

In this game features, you will find so many real-life elements. San Andreas with the latest title will get you more clothing & heavy gameplay appearances. Violence & sexual content is the main source of the controversy of this game. This makes the people more concerned about this game like Hot coffee Mod. different ways to complete different missions, guns without resorting, getting cash, change level, vehicles, shootouts make this game more special. If you want to play this game download now.

Blackmoor 2

If you enjoy hacking and slashing your way through a game, Blackmoor 2 is ideal for you. The game has a classic touch just like the old Castlevania titles but adds some excitement with additional modes such as online PvP and Co-op multiplayer. It also has an excellent build mode that helps you to construct your own levels and share them with other participants. Blackmoor 2 stands out from other mobile games by providing this capability. It also delivers additional convenience features such as Google Play Games Cloud saving ability. The free version of Blackmoor 2 allows you to play with some advertisements populating the screen but you can play it ad-free at a cost of only $4.99. 

Evoland 2

Within the Android action genre, you can enjoy Evoland 2. The title allows you to hack, slash, trade cards and fight in 3D too! It also has arcade mechanics and a mini-game lineup. An amazing feature of Evoland 2 is that its mechanics and graphics change gradually. At one moment, you may be playing a side-scrolling landscape and the next you find yourself playing a three on three combat. To play Evoland 2, simply buy the game at $7.99 and enjoy the action without any advertisements.


You can now enjoy playing action games in the Android smartphone operating system. The larger screens, faster processors and ample storage space make it easier for you to play high-end games comfortably. The best action game for android is Call of Duty: Mobile because it provides a great combination of violence, narrative and graphics. If you are looking for a high octane experience in the Android operating system, download Call of Duty: Mobile and have fun!