5 Tips to find the best accommodation in London for students.

Looking to explore the new horizons of career to arm your arsenal of knowledge and create more opportunities? Then it is no wonder, why you have picked London! The United Kingdom is often considered as the education hub for international students.



According to the UK Council for International student affairs, during the period of 2017-18, there were 458,490 foreign students. Among these international students, Chinese stood at the highest with a significant number of 106,530. While there are far more international students coming in, London has seen a rise in PBSA (Purpose Based Student Accommodation) market.


There was a time when students used to find university hostels and accommodations good enough for them. But, the times have changed and students have more expectations from their accommodations now. London is a place where students can find the best places to study with accommodation options.


So, if you are searching for student accommodation in London, then here are some tips to help you find them!


1. Proximity To Campus:


Student life is hectic. You have a lot of things on your mind. From learning to exploring new places and managing your daily chores, everything needs time management. So, proximity to your study campus can help you in many ways.


So, find a space close to your campus. Take an example of the famous Leeds university, you can find many places for best student accommodation near Leeds city centre. Similarly, Wembley has many such student accommodations that are just 10 to 15 minutes from central London. You can use apps like Google maps, tube planner, and others to check on proximity.

2. On Budget:

Finding a space near to your university should be lighter on your pocket. When you are searching for the best accommodation for students in London, the budget can be a worry. It can be quite expensive to live in a city like London and if you don’t pay attention you can end up paying more.


According to a survey by the Guardian, the average cost of student accommodation in London can start from £140 a week for living in university-based setup. But, in 2018-19 there was a steep rise with the rents going up to £147 per week. If you consider the total amount you can end up paying for the academic year, it can be around £8000.


So, how can you find cheaper student accommodations that are right for you? The best way is to browse through more properties and than compare prices with other factors to decide.


3. Amenities:


There are a plethora of options these days for best student accommodations in London. But, not all of them have amenities that you are seeking. So, you need to be clear on what are you looking for along with your budget. There are many amenities offered by Purpose Based Student Accommodations or PBSAs. Some of them are.


  • Library memberships
  • Gym Passes
  • Cinema Halls
  • Free Internet
  • Food Passes
  • Restaurant Coupons
  • Daily Essential Supply
  • Laundry
  • Game Rooms
  • TV Lounge


So, choose a space that offers the best amenities under your budget. You can even have add-on services offered by some of these properties.


4. Locality:


Student’s life may be hectic. Yet, you do have those weekends to yourself. So, explore the locality around your place of choice. Get a grasp of life around the place you choose for living. Here, you can explore digital tools. You can use tourism apps to know more about the locality.


Whether its Leeds, Spitalfields, Wembley and even the new Hampstead, there are many student-friendly localities. Explore them to know restaurants, supermarkets, cinema halls and other spots.

5. Safety Requirements:


London is a great place to study and yet it can be vulnerable to crimes. According to Statista, London has a rate of 95.99 crimes per 1000 people. So, security is one of the essential aspects of the search for accommodation in London by many international students. You should analyze all the security measures during the property visit.


Check on the security features like keycards, spy holes, close circuit TV cameras, and even fire alarms. You can even seek a property based on the nearest police station. The property or leasing agency must offer 24/7/365 emergency services to cope up with any situation. Remember, your safety will be the ultimate concern for your parents.




London can be alluring and exciting. But, don’t be mistaken by all the glitter. If you are aiming for that amazing career, you need the right place to live. So, factor in these tips for your search for the best accommodation for students in London. You can always count on your instinct.


Yet, if you are having any doubts regarding student accommodations in London, then feel free to share with us!

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