Best Accommodation Facilities And What You Must Do During Your Tour

If you love adventure and are looking for a perfect destination, Bansko is an ideal choice. This region is famous for ski slopes, sightseeing, and incredible history.

Perhaps you are unsure about going to Bansko because you don’t know where to stay. If you are looking for a perfect accommodation hotel within the neighborhood, here are some of the places you can visit in Bansko.

  1. Korina Sky Hotel

It is a traditional hotel that incorporates Bansko’s architecture. It is perfect for accommodation with free parking. Besides, it has a great spa where you can receive massage and other services. It also has a fitness center for all its customers. Guests love Korina Sky hotel because of the various beverages and Bulgarian dishes you can enjoy beside a warm fireplace. Besides, there are family rooms and a bar; pets are also allowed.

  1. Park Hotel Panorama

This hotel is located 2.5km away from Holy Trinity Church. It offers accommodation and free parking, a shared lounge, a kid’s club, a pool, and free Wi-Fi. Previous guests love this destination for the continental breakfast, and the Spa and Wellness provisions.

  1. Grand Hotel Bansko

If you intend to tour the Pirin Mountains, you will find the Grand Hotel Bansko perfect for accommodation. It has a lobby bar and a casino where tourists can engage in various games. You will enjoy the spa and wellness services and relaxation rooms. Besides, children can enjoy the gaming club. Grand Hotel Bansko also has a fitness center equipped with a perfect gym.

This restaurant prides itself on providing delicious local and international meals. Tourists can also enjoy free transfers to the ski slopes, cultural celebrations, exhibitions, dances, folklore music, and a variety of entertainments.

  1. Amira Boutique Hotel

It is one of the most loved accommodation hotels in Bansko because of its central location (Bansko’s center). Its location allows guests to view the mountain slopes. Guests can benefit from various services, including babysitting, free transfers, relaxation rooms, and tasty meals. The hotel has a free shuttle service and a gift shop for the guests.

  1. Hotel Gazei

It is one of the most reviewed accommodation facilities because of its accessibility. The restaurant has a free parking area and free Wi-Fi for all the guests. If you love Bulgarian dishes, you should visit this hotel because it serves all these in a Bansko style. It also has excellent relaxation facilities.

Things to do in Bansko

Bansko is renowned for its great historical sites, mountain views, and accommodation restaurants. If you love architecture, you must visit Velyanova House that features that is associated with Velian Ognev, a great artist. The Holy Trinity is also a great place to visit for artistic designs. It has a beautiful interior and garden for great sightseeing.

Art lovers can visit the International Art Bansko for different collections of contemporary artwork –you will see various art exhibitions. You can also tour the streets and get in touch with the community. This way, you can get to know the people and their culture. Besides, the streets have shops that have almost every type of art.

If you want to dine, make sure you check Mehana – you will eat different Bulgarian traditional dishes. You can try out restaurants too if you are looking for accommodation services as well.

Hiking should be a must-do activity. You explore various mountaineering sites. Since there are many, you can try Banderitsa, Vihren, and Demyanitsa.

How can you get to Bansko?

There are several options you can use to get to Bansko. For public transportation, you should catch a bus in Sofia. Alternatively, you can use private transfers to Bansko if you want a safer, reliable, and convenient option. If you are unsure about these transfer options, it will help if you rent a car or use the narrow-gage railway; these too have a personal experience that you don’t want to miss.


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