Best 8 countries to study abroad

Planning to study abroad begins long before the moment of departure and one of the first and most important steps is choosing the country where you are going! And that choice is very personal.

It can vary according to the period of the year you want to go, the amount you want to invest, the language you would like to learn or improve, the program you want to carry out and many other questions. However, to start helping you, we list here the best countries to study abroad.

United States

The country that is a cultural reference in cinema, series and music could not be left out of the list of the best countries to exchange! The USA is in the plans of many future international students and no wonder, as it offers a diversity of options. From the Capital of the World, New York to Surfing Paradise, Hawaii, that’s where you’ll find more options for your exchange! The main cities in the United States are many (really!), but we can mention Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando and San Francisco to start!


Canada is one of the most popular destinations forinternational students! In addition to the incredible natural landscapes, the country has an excellent quality of life and is reputed to be one of the best welcomes to its visitors from other countries. The fact that it is a bilingual country and allows you to study a language course there and learn both English and French there, is also a super differentiator and all this makes Canada one of the best countries to study abroad, including for those seeking work while studying abroad. The main cities in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.


If you want to learn English in another country, why not consider the birthplace of the language? Rock & roll, telephone booths, double-decker buses, the Queen, 5 o’clock tea, British punctuality, football… the references we have from England are so many that it’s hard to even list them, and with that it’s all impossible not to have England among the best countries to study abroad. The main cities in England are London, Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester and Oxford.


Ireland has been in the ranking of the best countries to study abroad for no reason. The fact of being in Europe is a super attraction, since from there you can take advantage of the exchange program to travel to neighboring countries on the continent, with air tickets at very attractive prices, or even by train! The main cities in the country are Dublin and Cork. See also: What is the best city to study abroad in Ireland.


A country of continental dimensions with many beaches, beautiful natural landscapes, exotic fauna and summer starting in December. It is not today that the country is among the best options for studying abroad due to the characteristics similar to those of Brazil, added to an incredible quality of life and the possibility for international students to work legally while learning English. The main cities in Australia are Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

New Zealand

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you may already know that the film trilogy was shot in New Zealand, but that’s not the only reason it’s among the best countries to study abroad! You can also add the fact that the country offers fantastic leisure options and a high level of quality of life! Like neighboring Australia, New Zealand also allows international students to work while studying English and this is another super important differential for the country! New Zealand’s main cities are Auckland and Queentown.


As the exchange lives not only in the English language, Spain is also among the best countries to exchange, not only for the language but also for the cultural immersion it provides to its visitors! As a good European country, Spain is a history and architecture class added to a super characteristic culture and delicious cuisine! There is also the possibility for foreign students to work legally there, which is another attraction of the Iberian country. The main cities in Spain are Madrid and Barcelona. See also: Discover the architecture of Spain


That’s right! Studying abroad in Portugal has become an increasingly common practice among Brazilians looking for university options abroad, and there are plenty of reasons for that! Because the language is the same as ours and because Portugal is increasingly in evidence in the economic and tourism scenario around the world, studying at one of the renowned Portuguese universities has been something increasingly desired and accessible for international students.

The possibilities don’t stop there! The options for your overseas study can be much more diverse and we are here to help you find the one that suits you!

Michael Caine

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