Best 5 Free WordPress Hosting in 2021

You might have to rethink the phrase, “Nothing good in life is free”. You all might have heard of WordPress Hosting, and if you’re new to this all together, let me give you a brief:


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System that helps you run a blog; around 455 Million of the websites are created through WordPress.


WordPress being a Content management system, or CMS, the best part about CMS is that you won’t need any sort of programming knowledge to manage your website.


WordPress makes it really easy for anyone with internet access and a bit of a technology to build their website. So, if you want to toss your chance at a self-hosted WordPress website and you can’t risk it with premium WordPress Hosting, the best and easiest solution would be to go for a free WordPress Hosting.


Though there are some detriments to it, I wouldn’t be completely honest with you if I told you it is all roses and garden.


So, if you are looking to grow your professional brand you can go for paid Hosting but if you choose the right hosting company for free WordPress Hosting, you are on the right track.


In this article, I am about to discuss with you the Best 5 free WordPress Hosting and you can choose which might work out the best for you


Take a look at the Best 5 free WordPress Hosting sites which I think might help you in assisting with WordPress updates & the maintenance to it:-

#1 GoogieHost

Googiehost is quite a popular name in the WordPress Hosting industry.

GoogieHost started out in 2012 with the motive of helping those who want to start their online journey.


With affordable hosting and its name as a big eye-catcher, everyone is noticing it.

 I, for one, have tried its services and it has never failed to meet my needs.

Regardless, GoogieHost offers Direct Admin and Cloudflare and has already hosted over thousands of WordPress sites.

GoogieHost even offers spam protection which is hard to find among Free WordPress Hosting nowadays.

I don’t want to just rub my nose on how great it is. Take a look at some of its features to choose for yourself:-


  • GoogieHost offers unlimited bandwidth
  • It provides you with 2 email addresses and 2 FTP accounts
  • You get one-click very easy installation
  • It also offers automatic upgrades as their servers adjust easily
  • It has Cloudflare and delivers spam protection as well
  • It gives you great quality support whether technical or not

GoogieHost offers a lot what other Free WordPress Hosting providers might not. I am not gonna waste your time. Look at some pros and cons and decide if it is what it promises:-


  • Zero Advertisements:-

GoogieHost focuses on ease of your working with the website and does not place any page consuming ads for your ease

  • SEO friendly:-

GoogieHost offers SEO friendly content optimization and makes sure though free your website ranks great

  • Customer Support:-

It offers all kinds of Customer Support for all your technical and basic queries via email, chats support, etc.

  • Free CPanel:-

You get completely free Control Panel access and free subdomain so you can use several website templates through CPanel easily

  • Free Cloudflare:-

GoogieHost also delivers free Cloudflare to help you increase the security and performance of your site


  • Server uptime:-

GoogieHost, though offering great customer support, sometimes face issues with server response time

  • 100 Mbps shared uptime

If you are you are using Free WordPress Hosting from GoogieHost, the 100 Mbps speed will be divided among all the users having a domain with it, but if you are quite a normal page, you might never face this issue

Overall, GoogieHost has also gotten some very positive expert reviews over the Internet which is quite unlikely for a free WordPress site.

How to sign up for free:-

Step1:- Register to the GoogieHost

Step 2:- Create a sub-domain or your own domain name

Step3:- Click on Auto-Installer and select WordPress

Step4:- Give necessary credentials

Step5:- Login to your panel and voila! your website is ready


#2 000 WebHost

000 WebHost is a highly ranked web hosting service based on WordPress.

Millions of users have made 000WebHost their first choice for Free WordPress Hosting and therefore this list would not be complete without including this particular service provider on this list.


What makes it a choice of such a large no. of users? It is being free of cost and also the great services provided by it and the lack of limitations, unlike other platforms.

It can be set up in a few minutes and is very great for beginner level projects specifically. It may not offer everything you need but is really good for beginners.


The only thing you need to do is sign up on it by providing necessary information and then you are set to go.

 The advance feature provided by 000 webhost gives a lot of premium plans a run for their money and another thing making it exclusive is its uptime guarantee. Let me give you a tour of all its features:-


  • 000WebHost supports languages like MySQL and PHP
  • Devoid of any restrictions it provides a 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • It provides large bandwidth & more than sufficient disk space
  • It offers instant and easy activation which is free of cost
  • It comes with an auto-installer & tools like web builder comes with the service


000WebHost is your go-to if you are commencing your online journey. It offers a lot of features though limited will help you get a medium platform in the Internet world. Having a limited quality, they are the best. Go look at the pros and cons to decide:-


  • 000WebHost is a perfectly dependable service
  • It is a premium hosting service providing great uptime guarantee
  • It gives more than sufficient disk space
  • It has a large bandwidth
  • It even has a collection of tutorial videos making the work easier
  • It offers a very responsive customer support


  • 000WebHost has a probability of spamming and it is quite high
  • Security measures are very minimum from its side
  • The no. of MySQL connections it provides are extremely low

How to sign up for free:-

Step1:- Signup with 000WebHost by filling in necessary credentials

Step2:- login to the 000WebHost and a page will display

Step 3:- Click on Build website and then click the install button

Step4:- Once it is installed you will reach a configuration page, fill in the necessary information and you are done



You might have heard of both and is a great Free WordPress Hosting platform as you do not have to pay for hosting.

You just can work on your website and let them manage the rest.

Though it is quite a limited platform, it is lesser of a trouble if you are just starting out as a blogger or else.


If you don’t have any professional requirements this may work out the best for you.

You can go for upgrades if you wish but this suffices your beginner level needs. So, take a look at some of its features to decide for yourself:-


  • com offers affordable upgrades which are it’s the best feature
  • It provides pre-installed SSL Certificate
  • It gives you unlimited bandwidth but only 3GB of storage space
  • You can choose from hundreds of WordPress themes which makes it easy for you to create a design
  • It is SEO friendly to help your website rank and also has built-in social media sharing is quite different from other Free WordPress Hosting sites, it may come with limited features but has some great advantages to it. Take a look at some of its pros and cons:-


  • You get a pre-installed software
  • com gives you Mobile friendly experience so you can use your mobile for website creation
  • It also offers you a friendly and helping customer support
  • You get automatic updates as well as backups


  • You are nudged with constant Ad placing which you can’t even benefit from
  • Your site can be deleted anytime they think you are violating the terms
  • You are not allowed to create a membership website too

How to sign up for free:-

Step1:- Sign up on

Step2:- Confirm the necessary credentials

Step3:- Setup your website and choose the appropriate theme

Step4:- Connect with your choice of social media platform

Step5:- Now visit your website


#4 FreeHostia

FreeHostia is a big name when it comes to Free WordPress Hosting.

This is your go-to choice for caving your way through the online business.

Despite its name FreeHostia, it also offers you premium paid plans.

You can sign up for its services with the necessary credentials and you will get a hosting service ready in a few minutes.


FreeHostia despite giving you limited access and lesser features focus on providing you with the Best features

FreeHostia also offers Cloud hosting which is the best thing it has to offer. I want you to have a look at its features and come to a rational decision:-


  • FreeHostia offers a 6GB Bandwidth which is not that great but sufficient
  • It also offers only up to 250 MB of storage capacity
  • It offers one-click very easy installation
  • It gives you up to 3 email accounts and a MySQL Database
  • You can switch to the premium version swiftly

FreeHostia brings a series of advantages to your website hosting. It may not be ideal for a booming business but you get a lot of benefits of you’re new to the Internet. Go look at some of its pros and cons to choose better:-


  • You get a wonderful choice between shared & a cloud hosting platform
  • You get the necessary tools already available to manage your site
  • It gives a good level of security so you don’t need to worry
  • The customer support is at your service 24×7 for each of your queries


  • The Bandwidth & disk space is very limited
  • You also get a very limited MySQL Database
  • The technical support takes a great deal of responsive time
  • You do not get a very good uptime as compared to other Free WordPress Hosting sites

How to sign up for free:-

Step1:- Go to FreeHostia and signup for your free account

Step2:- Choose among the provided domain

Step3:- Create a database to install WordPress and choose among it

Step4:- Fill in necessary credentials and you are ready to go


#5 AwardSpace

AwardSpace is a German-based company that started out in 2003 as a budget-friendly space for small businesses.

AwardSpace keeps in mind to give you a user-friendly space to grab your attention.

If you want to gain Internet experience and do not wish to invest, you can get Free WordPress Hosting from AwardSpace.

Though it offers limited features, those suffice to help you grow on the internet. I am not going to bore you now and present some of its features so you can choose from the best:-


  • AwardSpace offers a 1GB Disk space and a 5GB bandwidth
  • You can host up to 4 websites and you also get MySQL Database
  • You get a really easy one-click installation procedure
  • It even offers you 99.9% of guaranteed uptime
  • It offers a customer hosting cPanel and a web-based file manager too

AwardSpace is a great choice for starting out your online journey. It has a few cons to it but you get sufficient enough pros to run your website smoothly. Go check out the pros and cons to get a better outlook:-


  • You can host up to 4 websites with AwardSpace
  • You get your email account I.e., custom domain name
  • You have complete access to its server files
  • It gives you an ad-free environment for high performance
  • It delivers 24×7 support and a protected service


  • You have a limited MySQL Database
  • You get a very low bandwidth & disk space in regards to other free hosting sites
  • Among the four websites you get, three of them must be subdomains and only one head domain

How to sign up for free:-

Step1:- Create your free AwardSpace account

Step2:- Register your own domain name filling in the necessary credentials

Step3:- Install free website builder or CMS

Step4:- And your website is ready


Wrap up!

While you may want to switch to a paid more premium WordPress Hosting later, Free WordPress Hosting is the road to go uphill. This is the stage you start your online journey and become a Pro in it!

In my article, I have shown you all about the Best 5 Free WordPress Hosting and all its features, pros, and cons so that you make a wise decision.


I particularly found GoogieHost very accessible as it has gotten very good expert reviews over the past and offers a variety of features with easy access. It also has an affordable premium plan so you can switch later.

Give the article a read yourself and see what works out wonders for you!

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

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