Best 5 Deadly Weapons in PUBG Mobile

PUBG comes as an online war game that can be played with friends, relatives or loved ones. Of course, every game, especially war games need to think about what strategies should be done. Not surprisingly, in PUBG the selection of Weapons is important.

Deadly and Best Weapons on PUBG Mobile

There are many PUBG Mobile weapons that we can find, ranging from sniper types, assault rifles, SMG and many others. Because of the many types of these weapons and guns, this time we will share the Most Deadly Shoot List at the Latest PUBG Mobile.If you need Unlimited weapons you can download Pubg Mobile Mod APK.

What weapons and fires are suitable for us to use when playing PUBG Mobile? Check out the full article below.

The Best and Most Deadly Weapons and Types of PUBG

The types and types of the best PUBG weapons that must be used as main shots, you can see on the list below.

1. Assault Rifle

The first sequence is held by Assault Rifle weapons. This is used as a benchmark because this type of weapon is very easy to find in some areas of the game.

Assault rifle is the best weapon class for close or far range firing. For close range use, you can use the full auto / burst bullet feature to immobilize enemies quickly.

However, for long-distance shots, you can use single or semi-fire mode to increase accuracy in disabling enemies far away.

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AKM is in the best and best shooting range for Assault rifle class and type. AKM has a very high attack power compared to similar types of fire.

Followed by M16A4 which is very suitable for long-range combat because it has a very high degree of accuracy. With very strong accuracy, this makes the M16 a mimin favorite shot when playing tablets. For melee bullet settings, you can use burst fire mode to immobilize enemies quickly and precisely.

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2. Sniper

The best and deadliest weapons then enter the Sniper class. If you are a type of gamers friend who likes the term “One Hit, One Shot, One Kill”  sniper is a type of shooting that is very suitable for use.

In the PUBG Mobile game, the use of long-barreled weapons is indeed a favorite, because it is very effective in crippling enemies at great distances. With just one shot, the enemy can knockout and even die if it hits the head.

So it’s only natural that sniper becomes the best and deadliest series of weapons and the best ones that are worth having when playing PUBG. The type of sniper that is quite easy to get with the best sniper fire attacks such as SKS and Kar98k variants.

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3. SMG (Sub Machine Gun)

The third best weapons are in the type of SMG (Sub Machine Gun). This type of shooting is perfect for you who like to play fast and always on the move.

This weapon is very good for close range use, because it is able to issue bullets quickly and even has almost no impact at all.

However, there are a few shortcomings that exist in this SMG that is not recommended for the use of long-range shooting.

UMP9 can be used as the Best SMG firing list in PUBG Mobile because this type of weapon is easy to find and of course the bullets are also very easy to get.

4. DMR (Designated Marskman Rifle)

Designated Marskman Rifle or abbreviated as DMR is a type of weapon that has been mentioned above, there are types of DMR weapons or designated marskman rifle.

This class of weapons is between assault rifle and sniper. However, in the PUBG Mobile version, DMR is included in the sniper section although it is still known as the DMR weapons class.

There are several types of DMR weapons in PUBG that you can get, including MK14, SKS, Mini 14, and VSS. The four weapons provide a very high pounding compared to the assault rifle, but also have a large attack. From all that we mentioned MK14 is still superior as a DMR weapon with the best attack damage and can kill enemies with just 1 shot bullet. This type of weapon is the best and best semi sniper in its class.

5. Shotgun

The next type of weapon is the Shotgun. Shotgun is still in the category of shooting hard enough if you have to face directly in front of the enemy at close range. For those of you who like PUBG shotgun shooting, it is recommended to use S12K.

This is because fast recoil and reload of weapons with more bullets than 2 other types of shotguns.

Damage and attack power generated S12K also fairly hard. Usually 2-3 times a shot on the enemy will die immediately or knockout quickly. For those who play long distance, shotgun is not recommended because this class of weapons can be said to be bad in the PUBG Mobile Game. The firepower is slow and is not suitable for long distances.

However, if you play in the house or room, the Shotgun can enter into a recommended weapon because the shot bullets will directly pierce the opponent’s body in front of you.

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