Best 5 Automatic Screen Printing Machines

Screen printing can be a monotonous task that requires a lot of manual effort. That is why a lot of medium and large-scale business units are trying to shift to automatic screen printers. We would try to find the best screen printing machine which is automatic too. 

Here is a list of the best 5 automatic screen printing machines.

  1. M&R Stryker Printing Press

This machine is versatile and comes at a very affordable price. It is a 10 station-based module that can be expanded to 16,22, 28, and 52 station configurations. Here we get a digital touch screen control panel with icon-based graphics which display information and commands in different languages. The machine comes with a two-year or 2,000,000 cycles limited warranty.

  1. MHM Synchroprint 5000

This machine is available with 18 colors and 16 print stations with a standard print area of 28×39 inches. In this machine automatic screen positioning systems are being used where motors are used which tend to control and record the screen position. The user can control all the operations with a tablet controller which has wifi feature connectivity. The machine has to be stopped if you need to readjust the screens at the printing station. All this can be done directly through the main tablet controller. If you want to change the palettes a simple push-web button has been provided. The production capacity is 900 to 1400 pieces per hour.

  1. Workhorse – The Sabre Series

This machine is ideal for any mid-size to the high-volume screen printing business. It has a touch screen control panel which allows the operator to keep tabs on all the functions at their fingertips. It has 12 color and 14 station screen printing machines which have a print area of 20 x 20 inches. Here you can get real-time production data such as Automatic Index Foot Pedal, 6 point registration system, Front and Rear Micro Registration, Foot Pedal Control, and much more.

  1. Tas Hawk HX20

This series is perfect for medium-scale screen printers. Which comes with a standard print area of 50 x 63 cm. This is one of the most popular models of TAS. This HAWK series is available in 16 colors. They can accommodate 20 colors, 22 stations, and have a maximum print area of 508mm x 635mm. If we consider the diameter of the machine it is 7300mm and its weight is 4200kg.

  1. Printex Hurricane SL

This machine is fully equipped and a compact machine, which has AC-driven print heads along with that it has servo INDEXER rotation system. On every head, it has a control keypad system. The screen size of the high-end model for Hurricane SL 12/10 is 56 x 80 cm. It has a very good printing speed of 1100 prints per hour. The machines would come with a 2-year warranty along but terms conditions and apply.

All names mentioned above are the best screen printing machine for beginners if they are given proper training.


After reading this article the users will get a fair idea of which is the best screen printing machine available in the market. As the demand for digital printing has skyrocketed so go for the automatic machines rather than manual machines which are mentioned above.