Best 4 Tips To Manage Your Emails

Looking for the best way to organize emails? Your search ends here. In this article we will tell you five different ways in which you can get your emails organized, Manage Your Emails and your inbox clean. Keep reading and executing all these ways to have a less cluttered gmail and more productivity.

Visit Your Inbox Once A Day

This might sound awkward to many, but it is always good to manage your emails organized by visiting the inbox once in a day. You can definitely check your inbox several times and in case of some priority task, you can also pay attention to being in a loop but do not process everything right away. Unless there is something that is extremely urgent, do not respond to it right away. Set a slot for visiting your inbox and cleaning out the unwanted stuff. This can be either done in the beginning of the day or while signing off. Prioritizing the important mails and letting go of the rest is the best way to organize or manage your emails.

Prioritize More And Less Important Emails

The 80/20 rule is one such rule that works anywhere. When we talk about emails, please note that there are only 20% mails in your inbox that need your attention and the rest 80% mails are either not on the priority list or are sent to directly go in the trash. You need to prioritize those 20% mails and defer the rest 80% mails. A;ll the emails that add value, increase productivity and lead to maximum outputs are the ones you need to pay attention to. Reply immediately to the important mails and keep ignoring the others initially. Once you get free from the 20% mails that were important, focus on the rest. This can be done by organizing gmail into folders so that you can understand what is important and what is not.

Make A Schedule To Reply

As mentioned above, you can create folders in order to organize emails in gmail. Once you have the folder in front of you and you are aware of what is in the to do list for today, consider replying to the rest of the emails later. Plan out days, it may be three days in a week, that you will be solely investing in relaying to the various mails. Read the mails, acknowledge them and reply to them only when you are supposed to do that as per your schedule. Do not cause interruption in your ongoing task just for replying to a less important mail.

Don’t Reply To Every Mail

Replying to each and every mail will do nothing except waste your time. There will be times when you will realize that sending replies to all mails is doing nothing fruitful to you. It drains you out and distracts you from real work. In case you can not leave a mail without replying, create template replies. This is again one of the best ways to organize mail. The templates can be made as per the folders. Create folders for every type of mail and prepare a template to reply to them accordingly. This will keep you stress free and happy.

We hope these tips help you in cleaning your inbox and increasing your productivity. In case of any confusion, feel free to drop your queries in the comments below.