Best 3 Day Trip You Can Take In Croatia

Croatia might seem like a small country, but once you are there you will realize that you have so many options to choose from. Although many people associate Croatia with its beautiful seaside, Croatia has much more to offer. If you have only 3 days to spend there, here is our suggestion on how to get the most out of your stay.

Day 1 – Split

This beautiful Mediterranean city will surprise you with its cultural heritage and its vibrant city life. We suggest you start your tour in the old town, at Diocletian’s Palace, which was built in the 4th century. It is one of the oldest examples of Roman architecture in this part of the world. Walk around lively streets of this beautiful town, and enjoy in its contrasts. Split is one of those places where old and new blend so good, creating a magical atmosphere. The main promenade is called Riva, it runs parallel to the sea and it is a spot where locals gather to walk, run, chat or play with their kids. We suggest you end your day in one of the local bars, famous for serving¬†Croatian wine.¬†Croatia¬†is one of the best wine producers in Europe, and we suggest you ask locals for the recommendation.

Day 2 – Plitvice National Park

Croatia¬†is famous for its beautiful nature and breathtaking views. We suggest that you dedicate one whole day to visiting Plitvice National Park, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It is difficult to describe Plitvice, its clear lakes and magnificent waterfalls. It is something that one definitely has to experience. After a day spent there you will feel regenerated and renewed. You will also have awesome photos that will remind you of this trip for a long time. Be prepared to walk a lot because you wouldn’t want to miss anything!

Day 3 – Dubrovnik

When in Croatia, you have to visit Dubrovnik, a historic town that has a special charm. Many people compare Dubrovnik to Venice, as it was a very important port. Admire its narrow streets, churches and beautiful palaces. Dubrovnik has a unique mixture of architectural styles from different periods. If you want to see the town from a completely different perspective, yacht charter Dubrovnik is one of the best options for a sailing holiday. It is also a great way to relax after your busy days in Croatia. Last but not least, you should find time to enjoy traditional Croatian cuisine. Visit one of the charming small restaurants and try their fish and seafood specialties, and experience authentic Croatian hospitality.

This is one of the best ways to spend 3 days in Croatia. If you have more time, you should also visit some of the other famous towns. We hope you will also find time to relax and enjoy on one of the beautiful Croatian beaches. There are a lot of beaches with crystal clear water near Split and Dubrovnik. You could also visit some of the many Croatian islands. It would be best to mix cultural sightseeing with relaxing and simply enjoying the moment.