Best 15 inch Subwoofer under 200

When you are planning to buy yourself a subwoofer, you will come up against many different brands and models. It is easy to get confused with all the available choices when you don’t know how to pick one that meets your requirements in terms of size, power, price etc. If you are not well-versed in this field yet and do not have much knowledge about the product, it is best advised that you go through reviews, comments and recommendations given by people who already own them or by reading this article.

Why to Buy a Subwoofer?

The truth is that many people will buy subwoofers for timekeeping purposes rather than music. However, testing one in an authorized dealer’s showroom would only cost you around $100 to $300 dollars anyway, so there is really no reason why you should not at least give it a try. The good news here however is that even if you are spending much less on your car subwoofer purchase (which is the majority), the difference in sound quality remains still very noticeable!

 If you happen to be serious about bass and don’t want to take our words for granted, then do consider reading some of the best-selling books on this topic including “How to Hook up Car Stereo Speakers” or “Sound System Design for Automotive Audio” .

Let us take two popular Subwoofers from Amazon named Pyle PLMABS3 6.5-inch Marine Subwoofer (300 Watts Max Power) and Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 10 inch Shallow-Mount Preloaded Enclosure . According to user reviews on Amazon, these two are the most popular among customers. Another way that you can get more knowledge is by checking out videos of people installing them in their cars or homes. Make sure that they are not too technical and aimed at beginners.

Finally, it is always best advised that you test the product before buying it so that later if something goes wrong you might be able to return it or change it for another one. Even if there is some defect, you will come to know about it only when products are installed in some place rather just sitting at your home. A second hand product might be good for you if it is sold at a lower price. In case of new products, try not to get one from a place where you won’t have any kind of support after the purchase.

The best 15 inch subwoofer under 200 can help you improve your car audio system and give a nice feel when listening to music on a long drive. If you are thinking about adding a subwoofer in your car, then there are some factors that need to be considered while choosing the right equipment. Here we will discuss few things that you should look out for while buying so that later on, the choice would not end up disappointing you.

Buying Guide

Here are some points that you must consider while buying the subwoofer:

Size of The Woofer: You need to choose a subwoofer which has high-quality sound performance and larger cone area. The size is also measured in terms of inches like 10, 12, 15, etc. So make sure about the driver size before you purchase one.

Type Of Acoustic Suspension Or Sealed: If you do not want the woofers to vibrate much at high volume then go for acoustic suspension or sealed enclosure type as compared to other types. It will help prevent your car from getting damaged due to excess vibration at higher power handling capacity. Moreover, sound quality will also be better with sealed enclosure type.

Power Handling Capacity: The power handling capacity tells you how much power the subwoofer can handle without damaging it. So keep this thing in mind while purchasing a product because if your woofer does not have enough power handling capacity then it may get damaged quickly.

 Size Of Your Car: If you own a car that is smaller then do go for compact size or shallow mount woofers because this way, they occupy less space and fit easily in small cars. On the other hand, large sized woofers are recommended for bigger cars so that you don’t miss out on any kind of low-frequency sound effects. You must never compromise on sound quality for the sake of saving space.

Material Used For Construction: Make sure that you choose a woofer which has parts made up of rubber, polypropylene and paper because all these materials are good for sound production. Woofers with injection molded cones should be avoided as they tend to damage quickly. However, it is always better that you go through customer reviews before purchasing any equipment so that you can get an unbiased opinion about the product. The best 15 inch subwoofer under 200 will definitely help you enhance your car audio system while giving a nice feel when listening to music on a long drive or during long hours of travel. So keep in mind all the factors mentioned above before making your choice!

Benefits of Buying Subwoofer?

The following are the primary benefits of using a subwoofer:

The low range, also known as bass, can be added to enhance music and movies. This is particularly important when the user wants to listen without bulky speakers. The subwoofer will make up for the lack of bass on these speakers by producing more of this low-frequency sound.Check out the best subwoofer box design for deep bass.

The frequencies added by a subwoofer can increase the overall volume without causing it to become distorted. It also gives a richer, more vibrant and fuller sound with less effort from the computer or other system components. A subwoofer will often be able to produce sounds that the user’s current setup cannot produce.

Sound coming from a subwoofer is often cleaner and crisper than the sound that comes from a traditional speaker. The sound that comes from a subwoofer can be easily heard even when there’s background noise, such as music playing or people talking, so it is more convenient.

A subwoofer allows the listeners to be able to hear audio frequencies that are typically beyond human hearing. This is because people can only normally hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, but a subwoofer often produces sounds up to 100 Hz or even lower than 20 Hz. Therefore, it also enables the user to hear sounds that are usually felt, not heard.

A subwoofer can be added to any audio system without taking up too much space. It is usually only needed for the low, bass frequencies and this means it won’t take up valuable real estate that may be needed for other parts of the audio system.


If you are looking for a 15 inch subwoofer, these 2 options should be the best ones. They all have great reviews and will provide excellent sound quality in your car or home theater system.

If you want further more Information you can visit Double Din Reviews.So, which of these two do you think is perfect for your needs?

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