Berkshire, UK – What do I need to know before adding a conservatory to my property

The contemporary conservatory is a fantastic way to expand your existing living space, without having to move to another property. When planned and built properly, conservatories have the potential to add value to your house too.


A quality conservatory can actually be used as a rec room, a sun room, a guest room, a dining area or even as a playroom area. It provides the added benefit of being open to the garden and back yard, so that sunlight can come in and bathe the room in warmth. This means that property owners are able to take advantage of the natural light, with no need to expose themselves to bad weather or cold temperatures.


The best type of conservatory is one that has a simple design, since versatility is a great attribute for this kind of space. You want to have a conservatory that is adaptable to suit all different occasions, be it an unexpected babysitting session, a dinner party with a friend, or just a desire to sit back and relax.


A good conservatory can actually be anything that you need it to be. To ensure the maximum flexibility, make sure you fill this space with furniture that is adjustable and that can be moved around easily. This will definitely make it easier to shape the space into any kind of function room.


Why do I need to add a conservatory to my house?

In case gardening is one of your hobbies, you will definitely be pleased to learn that a conservatory is great for nurturing high maintenance plants. Temperatures inside conservatories stay constant, but they are higher than outdoors, and therefore fragile flowers and plants can grow unimpeded. They take advantage of a warmer climate, with no exposure to rough weather. It is important to pick your plant varieties very carefully. The climate inside the space of a conservatory can get heated at times, and your plants and flowers need to be well equipped to be able to deal with high temperatures. A good idea would be to pick out an assortment of mid-to-tropical varieties.


Experimenting with atypical breeds

A conservatory space is such a controlled environment that it is perfectly possible to nurture rare and atypical plants. This will, of course, take a lot of skill, but in case you truly love gardening it will definitely be a very rewarding experience. Also, by doing this you will be helping to sustain fragile species.


Introducing colour

There isn’t a better way to introduce some colour into your life than with a gorgeous selection of plants and flowers. They can be suitably combined with your conservatory, since as soon as they start blooming and the sun makes its appearance, natural light will illuminate every corner of your space.


But let’s leave plants and flowers aside. In many other ways, conservatories can help add flow and natural style to your space. It can also make the transition between rooms much smoother, so that life within your space feels balanced. You can drift in and out of your conservatory without the need to worry about turning on lights, or taking your shoes off, in case you have installed a hardwood or tiled floor.



So are you still questioning whether you should build your conservatory? Still thinking about the reasons why you should build one? Conservatories are indeed a great way to add light, space and also value to your property. However, the cost can at times be a stumbling block. But there is a way around this: innovative do-it-yourself conservatories can be built in less than a week and cost half the price. Read through the following compelling reasons for conservatory construction in case you are still indecisive about building your own:


Let the light in

Health experts and professionals state that sunlight is necessary for us as it helps us produce vitamin D and it prevents seasonal affective disorder. A conservatory can directly impact and improve your health by exposing you to more light, especially during the dark winter months. Whilst going outdoors for a walk can usually do the trick, heading out in pouring rain and freezing cold is actually not so appealing. Conservatories will allow you to take advantage of the sunlight all year round without being exposed to the elements.


Can a conservatory actually add value to a house?

A conservatory is definitely one of the most popular property improvements you can think of; extending your home with a spacious new room is something everyone would love. Conservatories provide the opportunity to create a stylish room that can be used for anything you want. But let’s look at the increased value: does a conservatory truly add value to your property? By adding extra space to your property, you will definitely increase its desirability to future buyers. More affordable than a home extension, you will be adding value to your property at minimal cost to you. A quality conservatory can increase your property’s value by 5% or more. However, the actual value a conservatory can add will depend on a number of factors. The materials you have used and the size of the conservatory amongst other things are very important considerations.