Benefits & Types of Rental Car Insurance

Going vacationing could entail that you visit several stunning places that could result in enjoying great sightseeing moments of your life. On such occasions, renting a car could add to your convenience if you plan on making multiple long trips. But if you’re puzzled about opting for auto insurance on your rental car, then consider taking a look at the following benefits.

Benefits of Buying Rental Car Insurance

  • You aren’t liable to pay for the loss of use charges which translates to the rental company losing its business while the rental car assigned to you is either in repairs or replacement after getting damaged or stolen.
  • Certain locations are difficult to maneuver in rental vehicles even for experienced drivers and should they get into a collision or have their assigned rental vehicle stolen, Rental Insurance for the vehicle compensates for the repairs and replacement costs.
  • Your personal car insurance plan might cover rental vehicles but upon making a claim for fixing or replacing the rental car, your subsequent premiums could rise in cost besides also being liable to pay a surcharge on your auto insurance policy for certain upcoming years.
  • You can claim for reimbursement if your personal effects get stolen or if you cause damage to property or injuries to yourself, the passengers, and the third person motorist. It is possible only when two additive coverage is purchased in the insurance plan of the rental vehicle.

Types of Rental Auto Insurance

If you’re convinced that you should get insurance with the dealer providing the rental car, then its ideal to get familiar with the four types of auto Insurance coverage for the rental car.

Collision Damage Waiver

This coverage includes a deductible which compensates for the damage to the rental car or the loss of it due to theft or other factors. You won’t have to pay for the repairs or the replacement of the car in such scenarios aside from the deductible.

Personal Accident Coverage

If you incur damage to property or sustain injuries to yourself or the passengers, this coverage will provide for medical expenses as well as towards repairs of the rental vehicle. It is ideal to purchase this if your life insurance policy might not cover overseas claims.

Personal Effects Coverage

Although this coverage provides reimbursement up to a fixed limit, it can provide for the loss of your personal belongings such as baggage or finance stored within the rental car in the case if they’re stolen. You’ll be however required to produce an officially valid and registered complaint of the theft of the respective items for making this claim.

Supplemental Liability Coverage

The case in which your rental car causes damage to the property of others by your fault or injured the other person on the road involved in the accident with you, this coverage provides compensation for the same.

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