Benefits To Proper Home Insulation

As provided by Insulation4US, proper home insulation is an excellent investment, not only for your home alone. Commercial buildings also need effective insulation systems.

Most modern buildings have realized the benefits of efficient insulation. That’s why building regulating organizations have put measures that have to be adhered to by property owners. If your building doesn’t meet these set insulation standards, the organization can demolish it or stop tenants from occupying it.

But What Entails Proper Insulation?

At the thought of insulation, many people associate it with keeping the house warm in the cold seasons. But insulation involves temperature regulation in your home all year round. It is a way of creating a barrier against the ever-changing environmental conditions.

When your house is adequately insulated, there are no air leaks except those you have allowed. It also means that no energy is wasted unnecessarily.

So what are the benefits of insulation?

#1. Comfort

When you are warm in the cold weather, you are comfortable. When you get fresh air circulating throughout your house in the hot summer weather, your comfort is assured. A perfectly insulated home will keep you and your family cozy all year round. You won’t have to snuggle on extra warm blankets in the winter. You will not have to expose your house to intruders in the hot summer nights because of the fresh air.  

#2. Saves You Energy

Your house, if not properly insulated, can lose between twenty to thirty percent of energy. The door, windows, attic, or basement are the areas prone to air leaks in the home. When you have air leaks, your HVAC system must work extra hard to keep the required house temperature. That spikes energy consumption and, thus, more energy costs. Effective home insulation ensures there are no air leaks. Therefore no extra energy is used.

#3. Sound Control

It is very irritating when you hear conversations from the next house or their loud tv or music system. Many of us prefer the quietness of our homes. We don’t care about the type of music our neighbor listens to. We want to have the peace of listening to our music genres without sound interruptions from next door. What’s more irritating is listening to someone snore from the next room while we are struggling to sleep. Good insulation assures you of sound control. The sound that bounces off your walls and floor is absorbed, letting you experience the quietness you need to relax.

#4. The Go-Green Lifestyle

Your carbon footprint is reduced by upgraded home insulation. Effective insulation drastically reduces energy use, which leads to fewer emissions. For example, if your house is insulated and you use gas, coal, or wood as your energy source, you will require less of it. Your insulated home retains the heat it has already. Insulation is one way to join the go-green global lifestyle movement.  Contributing to such a cause in your own small way will bring you satisfaction in life and eventually happiness.

#5. To Up Your Resale Value

Everybody wants a properly insulated home. No one wants a house that they have to dress as Eskimo’s in the cold seasons and put on bikini wear in summer. So if you are considering selling your home in a few years, installing appropriate insulation can sell faster than if it isn’t insulated.

#6. Reduced Energy Cost

Air ducts, windows, doors, your attic, and the basement are the areas that are prone to air leaks. Excellent insulation ensures no air leaks. Therefore, no energy is wasted. In turn, your cost of electricity is significantly reduced.

#7. Improved Health

A cold house is as a result of dampness. Dampness encourages mold development. A damp room creates conditions favorable to the growth of pollutants and particles, damaging the lung. Insulation helps control moisture in the home. Those with respiratory and allergic conditions benefit more health-wise when the house is adequately insulated.

However, even if you don’t have pre-existing health conditions, proper insulation can improve your health. A regulated house temperature is crucial to your well-being. You will not be exposed to diseases caused by cold, but you also won’t be affected by scorching conditions.


With sufficient insulation for your home, you can be an excellent contributor to the go-green movement. In some countries, homes that practice environmental hygiene are recognized and awarded. However, gifts and social mentions shouldn’t be your motivation to insulate your home. Do it for your comfort and peace of mind. Insulate your home for your well-being and those of your loved ones.