Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

At the end of the day, you desire to relax to overcome day-long stress. However, without your knowledge, you have already sown the seeds of restlessness. In simple words, while working at the office, you have nurtured the unwanted elements like back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Conventional beds and chairs will not give you relief from these conditions. You ought to go for a zero gravity chair. The chairs of the aforesaid genre do its job well in relieving pressure from your body and enhance relaxation. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

The concept of zero gravity chairs

For the unversed, zero gravity chairs are the brainchild of NASA. They purposefully incorporated the “zero-gravity” concept after learning from the experiences of the astronauts. Soon, it became evident, astronauts who recline with their feet higher than the heart levels, considerably negate the gravitational pull on the spine and the journey turns out to be a smooth one.

Naturally, if these astronauts remain in any other position, the strong gravitational force can compress the discs on the spine and at the same time contract the spinal muscles. Things can quickly become worse if anyone amongst these astronauts has problems like back pain. After learning the efficacy of this concept, manufacturers are emphasizing on producing quality zero gravity chairs with a host of features.

The functionality of the zero gravity chairs

Before acquainting you with the benefits, you should understand the way these unique chairs work. When you sink on one such chair, you can extend the legs above the level of the heart. This aids the spine to decompress and eventually you relieve the spine from the additional pressure.

Sitting in the zero gravity position diminishes the exertion on the heart, releases muscle tension, helps to expand the lungs, and lastly, improves blood and oxygen circulation in the body. Seriously, it seems too good to believe, once you try it out, you will notice the significant difference it can create.

The key benefits of the zero gravity chairs and recliners

Reading thus far, it should be clear to you, zero gravity chairs have primarily two benefits. First, it helps the spinal discs from being overworked, and second, it relaxes the spinal muscles. The present-day zero gravity chairs come with massaging capabilities. It benefits you incredibly well if you are dealing with back pain.


As you know, there can be countless reasons leading to the development of back pains. However, you can expect substantial relief from any such painful conditions by relaxing on these chairs.

As already mentioned, by reclining in the zero-gravity position, you enhance the procedure of receiving more oxygen to the blood. Consequently, the circulation improves and the heart is no longer under severe stress.

Your lungs depend largely on the diaphragm for efficient functioning. Again, when you are reclining in the zero-gravity position, the diaphragm can expand to its full capacity. Eventually, overall lung function improves. It paves the way for you to take deeper breaths and rejuvenates the condition of the lungs.

So, as you can see, the zero gravity position is beneficial for multiple reasons. Owing to our lifestyle, most of us are vulnerable to various health problems. By using a zero gravity chair, you can not only keep several health issues at bay, but you also relax the mind. To be precise, a zero gravity chair works both ways as a remedial for the existing health conditions, and also as a preventive measure.