Benefits of Working in an Office

As we all know, COVID forced many businesses to close their doors and send their employees home to work remotely. 

For some people, this was a rare silver lining in the bleakness of the pandemic. But there are benefits of working in an office and below are just a few of them. 

A more structured family life

Of course, the working world doesn’t consist solely of people who work for corporations, either office-based or remotely. 

You may be self-employed and often find yourself in a ‘feast or famine’ situation where you feel you can never say ‘no’ to work, in case it’s a while before anything else comes along. 

In this case, when you work remotely, it’s easy to end up working 12 hours a day and never taking any time off. 

However, when you work in an office, on the whole, you’ll be working regular hours which means your family will know what time to expect you home each day. 

Also, one of the benefits of working in an office means having a holiday allowance, which means you can plan family holidays in advance. 

Workplace standards

If you work at home, you may be lucky enough to have a home office with a proper desk and an ergonomic chair. If so, yay for you. On the other hand, space constraints may mean you have to balance your laptop on your knees while you work on the sofa. 

But even if an office has a hot-desking culture, at least it has desks. Offices have to adhere to certain standards with regard to equipment, desks and chairs. There’s also a good chance they’ve gone down the ISO consultancy services route with regard to management systems and health and safety standards. 

Isolation and loneliness

If you’re an introvert, you may have relished the idea of working remotely. Perhaps offices are just a bit too ‘peopley’ for you and working at home on your own sounds like the best thing ever.

After a while though, all that isolation and solitude can make the remote worker feel just a little too remote. Gone are the colleagues to chat with or moan to make the working day more bearable. Your colleagues may be at the other end of a chat box or video call but it’s not the same as having an actual person to offload to or have a laugh with. 

Offices keep work and home life separate

Even if you have a home office you can physically shut the door on at the end of the day, you never quite get the disconnect you do when you shut down your computer and walk through reception, waving goodbye and saying ‘Have a nice evening’ as you leave the building. 

Benefits of working in an office

There are other benefits of working in an office – for example, you’re quite likely to get free tea and coffee and, of course, employees often bring in cakes on their birthday. 

However, there are downsides to working in an office, too. ‘I love getting stuck in traffic on my morning commute,’ said no one ever but, on the whole, working in an office isn’t all bad. 


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Time Business News Editor Team