Benefits of training and development to organizations

This article by Mr. Ben Bander Abudawood

One of the things that we should be constantly applying in our life and that is learning. From when we were still babies, to when we start working, and until we become old. During the pandemic, almost all organizations have shifted to working from home and this can be very tiresome for employees to just stay at home and do work. It can become monotonous after doing it for a long time and can get tedious.

When you continue learning, you allow yourself to learn new skills and adapt yourself to the fast-paced changes of the world. Training is a good way to break the monotonous routine of working from home. It gives the employee a variety in their usual tasks and at the same time, benefits the company with the additional skills that their employees will acquire.

Another benefit that the companies can get from training their team is that there will be increased productivity for the employee. With the added skills, there will be better quality and quantity of their work output. It also benefits their managers and supervisors are there will be a lesser need for constant supervision of their team members and they will be able to focus on important tasks.

Moreover, when employees are given proper training, it boosts their morale as it sends a message that their workplace cares for their career advancement. When there is higher morale, the employees are more likely to engage and support activities within the organization while promoting teamwork and loyalty.

Having a manager or a supervisor that supports their team members to improve their skills by joining training is also a great indicator of the overall organization’s perspective on their employees’ career advancement. Training your employees will always be a good investment that both satisfies the employees and the organization.

Ben Bander Abudawood