Benefits of Sensual Tantric Massage & Soapy Massage

Initially, have you any idea about Sensual Tantric Massage & Soapy Massage, including its benefits? If you haven’t, then this article will help you to gain a bit of an insight.

There remain many types of massage that can be perplexing to know which one is good to try and which might not be for you.

Sensual tantric massage and soapy massage are two types of massage that offer a unique experience, both in their own way. They both offer a very sensual and fulfilling experience.

Here we look at some of the differences and benefits of each type of massage, to help you the reader make an informed choice of what might suit your needs and requirements.

Sensual Tantric Massage.

Many people like a sensual tantric massage as it offers many more facets than a simple soapy massage for example. The concept of Tantra is one that is very complex, and there are many elements involved.

It is said to be an all-encompassing type of massage, as it involves body, mind and spirit in the person that receives this therapy. It also has a much deeper meaning than your oriental soapy massage.

Another part of the sensual tantric massage is the breathing techniques that are involved. This is an ideal method to help partners prolong their sensual experience. Particularly for men, where premature ejaculation is a common problem – some like a sensual tantric massage can help the receiver to relax more and also gain much better control, by learning how to breathe deeply and to stay calm during the sensual process.

The Benefits Of Sensual Tantric Massage

The benefits of this type of massage and many and varied. But some of the most common are

  • Better Sleep
  • Better connection between partners – a great way to reignite passion in a relationship
  • Great way to deal with problems such as premature ejaculation without the need for medication etc (these medications are well known to bring with them a wide range of unwanted side effects)
  • Great way to reduce stress and tension – and in some cases even more serious psychological issues such as anxiety and depression.

Soapy Massage

The soapy massage is one that originates from South East Asia, and in particular Thailand. This is a pure sensual massage in nature, and is one that is comprised of a soapy bubble bath and naked massage.

This again is a b2b or body to body massage, and it is where the masseur or masseuse uses his or her body to carry out the massage – as opposed to hands and feet for example.

It is one that is also very slippery in nature, due to this body to body element. It can be a great way to feel both relaxed and rejuvenated, and has worked it’s way West and has now become very popular across Europe for example.

Before booking your soapy massage it’s a good idea to do your due diligence, to ensure that the parlour you choose is one that’s authentic and has enough experience in this sensual art form. There are lots of parlours out there, who do not really offer the authentic experience, and this is where using forums etc. to get some advice from those that have already used their services can be a good idea.

The Benefits Of Soapy Massage

  • A much more relaxed feeling and a feeling of rejuvenation
  • Sensual pleasure at it’s best
  • Clients that use a soapy massage, will often say that they generally get a much better nights sleep
  • Great for skin tone, and can also be good to work issues with muscles and knots