Benefits of Repairing Your iPhone Screen Over Buying a New Phone

What is the biggest heartbreak that you can experience, well if you are a gadget lover then obviously your answer will be dropping your phone or anything thing that results in damaging the screen of your phone, and if the phone is iPhone then the heartbreak is even bigger, iPhones are such that you cannot quickly decide to buy a new iPhone, only if you are a millionaire then the story would be different, but this article is everyone, after reading this article you will yourself think that repairing the broken screen of an iPhone is far more advantageous than to buy a new iPhone. We will bring some really important information related to iPhone screen repair Singapore that you will be amazed to know about.

Why should you go for repairs over a new purchase?

A very simple answer to this question is that the price that goes into buying a new iPhone is far greater than the cost involved in repairs. There are a number of ways in which the iPhone screen repair Singapore proves much more beneficial than going for a new purchase. Apple has a wide range of ways in which you can have benefits if you go for the repair of the iPhone. We will mention a few:

  • Huge Difference between the price of repair and buying a new iPhone: Imagine you have dropped your iPhone and now you are seeking to repair it, then you will yourself experience that at one side where the repair might cost you somewhere near $200 there the iPhone may cost around $600. So there is a 3 times difference between the two.
  • Insurance will only reduce the repair cost: With insurance the iPhone screen repair, Singapore will decrease considerably, when you buy a new iPhone it comes with a warranty that will cover a lot of things. You need to be careful at that time to ask specifically what all will be covered in the warranty of the device. 
  • Applecare+: This is one thing that will help you in the long run with all Apple devices. Applecare+ is nothing but an insurance policy for Apple devices. Like you pay the premium of your other insurance policies in the same way you have to pay a certain price every year and then whenever your iPhone screen repair Singapore needs attention, it is here where the Applecare+ will come to your rescue by making your repair cost almost free. The most important thing with Applecare is that the repairs also include replacement and when that too with genuine parts.
  • Cost-Effective Repairs: There may be a question on one point that what about the situation where there is no Apple Service Center nearby, in that case, all you have to do is be sure about any kind of repair shop who handle these devices professionally and even there the cost might appear to be slightly high still it would be far less than the actual cost of buying iPhone.
  • Refurbished are also no good: One might even argue on the point that will it be fine if anyone chooses to buy a refurbished iPhone. Then we shall tell you that even then the repairs will cost you more. The refurbished laptops are also not that cheap the way you consider them to be. For Example, if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone then you will have to spend somewhere around $400, so you can very well see for yourself that still there is two times difference in both the prices.
  • All the Features you will get anyway: The biggest advantage of using an Apple product which actually also the reason why everyone wants to buy every new Android phone launched in the market is that there are new features in the new phone. This is not the case with Apple. The updates are such that no matter you have a new iPhone or old your iPhone will have all the features that any new iPhone has.

Benefits of choosing Repairs over buying a new iPhone

  • Easy on Pockets: Repairs are far easy on the pocket. One thing that is clear to every one of us is that iPhones and any Apple product for that matter are quite expensive, one has to save a lot to buy an iPhone only if you are a millionaire it would not bother you much. So if at all there is any chance that your iPhone screen repair Singapore is under the limits of getting repaired you should definitely go for it.
  • Better Functionality: There have been instances where an iPhone sent for repair when came back was even better than what it was before, it happens, you may get an iPhone which is better than the new one.

Whenever we think about iPhone screen repair Singapore we should think wisely and choose the path that benefits us in all possible ways.