Benefits of prescription safety glasses

For some people, wearing safety glasses is an important part of their daily routine. But not all people understand the importance of wearing these protective glasses. There are a lot of reasons why wearing a reliable pair of safety glasses is a wide idea. And below are some of these good reasons. For some people, wearing safety glasses is just part of their daily routine especially those working in an environment where they are exposed in extreme levels of dust, heat, manufacturing residue, flying debris, splashes, sparks, and other particles that can possibly damage the eyes. But not all people understand the importance of wearing these protective glasses.  

But why should you consider wearing prescription safety glasses? Here are some reasons why.

Safety glasses provide extra eye protection

Not all people find wearing safety glasses pleasing. Many of the safety glasses available on the market today are quite bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Well, you can blame it on the top and side shields which do not only look bulky but also add to the overall weight of the safety glasses. But these bulky parts are specially designed to serve a unique purpose and that is to provide extra protection for the eyes.

Safety glasses are more impact resistant than regular glasses

Safety glasses have an edge over regular eyeglasses. Aside from providing extra protection, they are also made from impact-resistant plastic and industrial-strength glasses which make them sturdy. The standard of impact resistance that is set for safety glasses is likewise way higher than a regular pair of eyeglasses.

High-quality safety glasses are made from safe and impact-resistant lens material known as polycarbonate. This material is the same as the one used for astronaut helmet shields and space shuttle window shields. Not only is Safety glasses provide eye protection at work this material impact-resistant and shatterproof, but it is also scratchproof and it likewise offers clarity of vision and comfort for the user.

Safety glasses help maintain the quality of your life

Your eyesight can greatly affect the quality of your life. Poor eyesight can hinder you from giving your best in whatever you do and it can as well affect your day to day living. Although the most common causes of low vision and blindness are age-related eye conditions like glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, it does not mean that you will never have any eye and vision problem at an early age. With the eye made up of sensitive tissues, nerves, and parts, it can be very vulnerable to damages when not taken cared for properly and if exposed to harmful chemicals and particles. When any of the parts of the eyes is harmed, it can cause irreparable damages to your eyesight or worst, permanent blindness.

To maintain the quality of your life and to preserve your eyesight, it is important to keep your eyes healthy and protected. Two of the most effective ways of doing so are to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to wear protective eyeglasses.

Safety glasses provide eye protection at work 

Accidents and injuries involving the eyes are very common in the workplace. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), around 2,000 workers in the United States are reported to experience eye injuries that need medical treatment every single day. One of the primary causes behind this large number is the lack of eye protection at the workplace.

Factory, construction, and industrial workers are often required to wear safety glasses and face shield at work to keep their eyes protected from dust, heat, manufacturing residue, flying debris, splashes, molten metals, grease, and oil, sparks, potentially injurious light radiation like infrared radiation or ultraviolet rays, and other eye hazards. However, they are not the only workers who are exposed to these eye hazards. 

Janitorial staff, dentists, laboratory workers, health care providers, and cooks, among others, are also exposed to different kinds of eye hazards. For instance, the cleaning and bleaching materials used by janitors may contain harmful liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids, and chemical gases or vapors which can possibly cause damages to the eyes. Cooks can get their eyes burned from steam or due to exposure to excess heat. Moreover, eye exposure of medical laboratory workers to infectious diseases makes them at high risk of getting infected.

Fortunately, these potential eye injuries at work can be prevented by wearing safety glasses. 

Protection when playing sports

Safety glasses are also intended to protect the eyes of the athletes especially those who are playing sports which have a high probability of causing eye injuries or damages. This includes those that involve flying objects (e.g. tennis, baseball, table tennis, lacrosse, paintball, BB gun, and air rifle) and pointed or sharp equipment like in the case of fencing. Fingernails poking into the eyes and elbow jabs are common during football, rugby, baseball, basketball, and cricket games. This can also cause eye injuries to the players. By wearing safety glasses, you can be able to protect your eyes from any potential damages while playing your favorite sports. 

Safety glasses are available in two main types- prescription or Rx protective glasses and non-prescription safety glasses. The non-prescription safety glasses are intended for people who need extra eye protection but do not have any specific vision correction needs. 

If you are one of those people who are wearing prescription glasses for vision correction, you do not have to wear two glasses at a time because you can always opt for prescription or Rx protective safety glasses. The prescription safety glasses are typically custom-made with prescriptions added to the lenses. The prescription has to be determined by an optometrist. If you want the safety glasses, make sure you have your latest prescription identified by your optometrist first before adding it to your custom safety glasses. Do you need a reliable pair of protective safety glasses? You may visit CA Glasses. They offer industry-grade high-quality, trendy, and innovative protective prescription safety glasses at a very affordable price.

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