Top Benefits to Keep in Mind When Leasing Your First Car

Learning to drive is the best feeling globally, and people are often excited about it more than ever. So, if you have just passed the driving test and do not own a car yet, then you might want to lease one. It is important to note that leasing is not for first-time drivers but for everyone, and it is just an affordable and hassle-free process of getting behind the wheels.

If you are new to the car leasing process, you might have many concerns and questions regarding how things work. Believe that car leasing will get you on the road in a blink. If you want to lease in the UAE, then opting for a monthly car lease Dubai is the best choice. But let me ask you first, do you actually know what car leasing is? If the answer is Yes, then skip directly through benefits but if not, then read the next section about information about car leasing.

What is a car lease service?

A car lease is a long-term rental of a vehicle of choice on the basis of fixed monthly payments. It is similar to leasing a house, but it is just for the brand-new car. Once you have chosen the right car, then you will discuss with the owner about the upfront payment and monthly payment as well as the agreement. If you work for a company and use the car for official purposes, then you can opt for a business car lease- the process is pretty much the same but much cheaper for the businesses.

Decision: Buy a car or lease one:

If you are contemplating between buying a car or leasing one, then it is important to ask yourself:

  1. Whether my needs will be the same in the coming year?
  2. Can I take good care of the vehicle?
  3. Can I manage the maintenance cost and insurance?
  4. Can I handle taxes and other fees?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then go ahead and buy a car. But if even any question has NO answer, then it is best to opt for car leasing. Now you might think that how leasing will benefit you- for that, you have to read about the benefits listed below.

Benefits of Leasing a car:

Just like you, many people are apprehensive about leasing vs. Purchasing because it is often thought that when you buy a car, then you can sell it later if you do not need it. Here are some advantages which show why leasing is of great is a great option.

Low-monthly payouts:

One of the top advantages of leasing a car anywhere in the world is that it has a low monthly payment system. When you buy a vehicle, you have to pay the full-fledged amount, but when you lease it, you have to pay a small amount on a monthly basis. These monthly payments also cover the rent and taxes, given that it is part of the agreement. Also, when you have to pay such little and still have a great car, it is not a bad deal at all.

Latest car options:

Given that you are just leasing out the car, you have a range of options to choose from. This is an entirely serene experience because you do not have to worry about paying full or opting for secondhand as you are not able to afford it. In other words, you can have your dream car and still do not have to worry about a large sum of money-isn’t that awesome.

You can have expensive models and flexibility of options to choose from. In short, own a car that fits your lifestyle and social status.


Often, you have to pay 1/3 of the total amount as the down payment in the buying process, but when leasing, you do not have to worry about that. In most cases, you just have to pay one month’s rent in advance plus the registration and acquisition fee, and that little amount will get you on the road. Your contract will have the information about the amount of money you need at the start, but it will not be as much when you are financing a car.

No reselling hassle:

Another considerable benefit is that you can lease for one year and then return it when your agreement is over. There is no thinking and hassle of reselling it. After one year, you can change or upgrade the model. It is an easy process, and no problem is getting it sold, adding some money, and buying a new one. Return the old and get the new one is the benefit which makes most people lease the car.

Low repairing cost:

When you lease any car, they are going to cover the cost of the major repair. As the lease is for a year or two, most repairs will be covered by the owner or the manufacturer in the warranty or insurance coverage. The warranty is usually bumper to bumper. Even in most established companies, the maintenance cost will also be covered. Make sure you discuss all these things in your agreement so that there is no misunderstanding about who will be paying service bills, maintenance, and other repairs.

Final thoughts:

Leasing is, without a doubt, a hassle-free process that will provide you with luxurious cars in no time. You can use that car just the way you use your own car make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the car, and it is just your personal choice considering the needs and budgeting factor. If you are looking to lease a car in UAE, then find the best ideal car out monthly car lease to get the best ideal car deals.

Whether you want to buy a car or lease is your call, and there is no right or wrong answer to that. It is just an excellent option for those who are looking forward to having a car on a little payment option. Plus, you will have the option to have the latest cars.