Benefits of learning English with same mother tongue language tutor

English is the language of the globe, and being fluent in English has become a basic necessity for all. However, learning English is not an easy task, especially if English speaking has not been much around you, and more often than not, learning a foreign language can be a tough cookie to crack. It can be pretty challenging to learn different ways to speak as every nation has a different accent and a different pronunciation. 

However, you can make learning easier by learning English from the same tutor from whom you learned your mother tongue. Having the same tutor for your mother tongue and a foreign language like English can pose a number of benefits that might amplify the fluency, understanding, and learning speed of the language.

Allows better understanding of concepts

Going with your same mother tongue tutor ensures a better understanding of different concepts of the English language. Learning English with the same mother tongue tutor allows the student to have a previously established connection. The tutor knows how to motivate the learner and understands the essential techniques to keep the student concentrated.

The tutor can explain things better and use their native language to explain concepts better and make lessons a bit easier to understand. Adopting a different teacher for English learning might diminish the learning potential of the learner.

Facilitate better coordination between tutor and the student

The grammatical rules of the English language are tough to comprehend, even in your mother tongue. Due to the difference between the languages, a native-speaking teacher ​​might fail to notice when students are getting lost and confused.

A teacher with the same ethnicity can better communicate and connect with the students, understand their needs, and figure out where the students are getting confused. 

Eliminates the language barrier 

A native teacher might have a firm grasp of English, but his proficiency in your mother tongue might not be up to the mark. As a result, there might be a language barrier between the student and the teacher, making it more difficult to convey messages and explain tricky concepts. 

However, a tutor with the same mother tongue can explain these concepts effectively and eliminate the chance of a language barrier altogether.        

Helps in improving speaking fluency 

Besides improving English writing skills, the tutor also has the responsibility of facilitating fluent speaking skills. While your accent and speaking pattern may vary according to your ethnicity, it is essential to have proper speaking fluency in the English language. 

Opting for the same tutor can allow achieving better speaking skills. It is a proven fact that bilinguals can interpret meanings better than monolinguals. So, a teacher with the same background as you can explain how to pronounce words or decode the meaning of sentences better than native tutors.

Final thoughts

Learning a new foreign language like English can be a hectic endeavor, but a reliable and understanding companion can certainly make the process much easier. Learning English from the same mother tongue language tutor can make the session efficient, enjoyable, and surly more understandable. With the right tutor by your side, you can take the challenge of English learning head-on. Students now can learn spoken english classes in Telugu.