Benefits of Landscape Scheduling Software and its Uses For Organizations

The business of landscaping is on upward growth because of its high demands. If you own such business, then your clientele might not be your regular public, but your customers may be companies and businesses and government agencies.

When you have a prestigious clientele, then there is absolutely no chance that you can compromise any tasks, however small it may be. For this reason, companies like yours have migrated to the use of software or mobile application for their daily tasks.

You should also use landscaping software if you want to sustain as well as grow your clientele.

Now let us discuss some benefits and uses of Landscape Business Management Software that can help you progress in the industry.

  • Elimination of Paperwork and Deskwork

Landscape Software has made the paperwork outdated since it tends to be set up to catch all the vital data automatically too in real-time. The maintenance faculty can even view all the data on work orders on their cell phones from anyplace.

It spares them a great deal of work from physically looking through different envelopes to discover the data they need.

  • Changes in Designs is Simple

In the field of landscaping there are quite a number of changes demanded in the initial designs. Manual execution of these design changes takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. It is a burden to the business which ultimately leads to a significant loss.

So the ideal thing is to use a mobile app or software for all the processes related to landscaping projects that include initial designing, modification, and sharing.

This type of software is specifically made for landscape purposes, which means that all the basic inputs and requirements of the landscaping businesses are already integrated into it. Few parameters pertaining to architects and engineers are also available in the software, which makes it a friendly option to choose.

By using management software for your business, you can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful company. It is not a repackaged tool, but rather it is particularly built for landscapers.

You can make design changes within seconds that too on-the-go. The added benefit of this technological tool is that you have real-time access to the original as well as the changed blueprints of the landscape.

  • GPS Location Tracking

Among various benefits of landscape management software, GPS location tracking is by far the most important one. Using the software, you can check the real-time location of your field executives.

At any point in time and from any place, you can access their GPS location to get the real-time update of their work status. Adding on, there is also a feature of route planning within the software that plays an important role in the initial preparation of the daily task of field executives.

This allows proper management of the route which your employees will follow to cover the maximum number of clients in a single day.

When both these features are combined, what you get is a completely productive and efficient field workforce, whose diligent efforts directly results in increased revenues for your business.

  • Geotagging

Geotagging is yet another feature of this particular software.

Often when landscaping experts visit the client’s site, there is a requirement of clicking pictures or taking notes.

The software allows on-the-go clicking and uploading of pictures right into the software’s interface.

These can be instantly reviewed by the managers and also emailed to clients if required. All the images will be geotagged, which means that they will carry the information about the location or place where they were taken.

  • Automatic Report Generation

The creation of reports is a very crucial task in the landscaping business. Using the landscape scheduling software, you can make this work easy and precise compared to the manual efforts that were time consuming and full of errors.

You just need to input the correct data into the software interface. Rest all the report generation will be done automatically.

Moreover, the reports will be visually appealing with all the information being represented in vivid and clear colors.

Final Thoughts

To drive productivity and profitability, companies need to free their field service representatives from the clutches of administrative and repetitive tasks.

Field service software technologies help landscaping companies to automate repetitive tasks and streamline the operations.


Bhupendra Choudhary holds considerable experience in managing sales leads as the managing Director of FieldCircle - a globally acclaimed construction management software service firm. His experience in a similar role has helped the company earn great success in providing CMMS software services to clients across the globe.