Benefits of Jamun in curing diabetes

Diabetes is a very common autoimmune disorder these days. It is a clinical syndrome with increased levels of glucose in the blood due to a lack of insulin production. 


Diabetes is a worldwide disorder. It is prevalent at a rate of 1-2% and affects almost 120 million people from every corner of the world. It is an assumption that diabetes by the year 2025, India will be the capital of diabetes. 

Types of diabetes:

  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus-
  • Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.


  • Genetics
  • Pancreatic beta-cell failure
  • Environmental factors
  • Age 
  • Lack of vitamin D
  • Gestation


Besides all chemical-based treatments for diabetes, Ayurveda has always come up with the best solutions to cure diseases naturally. The fact that people have hardcore trust in natural remedies is because there are no side effects. Although the ailment for which natural remedies are used also heals, numerous other disorders also subside with regular use of a single ingredient. Even diabetes can be treated with herbal remedies and that too with 100% success. All one needs in this journey is a little bit of patience. Many natural ways help to fight diabetes but Jamun also called Indian blackberry is a potent medicinal plant that has been used for ages in curing diabetes mellitus. Karela Jamun juice for diabetes is widely been used these days for lowering down blood glucose levels. Here are some of the characteristics of Jamun:

  • Its scientific name is Syzygiumcumini and belongs to the family Myrtaceae.
  • Its tree is 100 feet tall and spread in an area of almost 12 feet. 

Chemical composition:            Water content-83.7%

  1. -0.7%
  2. -0.3%


It is a rich source of Vitamin A, B, C, malic acid, oxalic acid, garlic acid, and tannin. The Jamun extract also contains a blue-colour chemical substance called Cyanidin glycoside. It also has a glycoside called jamboline.

Uses of Jamun:

  • Jamun is known to be a powerful antioxidant and helps to increase the immunity of the body. It is a rich source of Vitamin C which is an immunity booster. Apart from this Indian blackberry also helps to fight diabetes. 
  • It has a lower pH value which makes it acidic and has an astringent taste. 
  • The natural sugars present in it are glucose and fructose which are beneficial for the human body. These maintain the natural insulin levels in the blood which helps to fight diabetes. 
  • The bark, seeds, and fruit of the Jamun tree have more medicinal value in treating diabetes. The powder of seed when consumed daily controls the sugar level in the blood. 
  • After the conduction of various studies, it has been proved that Jamun extracts have hypoglycaemic properties. Jamun is rich in alkaloids like jamboline which is the main factor in lowering down glucose quantity in blood. 
  • Indian blackberry is also an antidiuretic which helps to control excessive urination. It helps combat excessive thirst as well. It has digestive properties that help to maintain good gastric health. 

Now, there is no need to worry about raised blood glucose levels. This is because Kerala jamun juice provides the best results in curing diabetes. The results are overwhelming because the cure is 100% guaranteed.