Benefits of Integrating Lightspeed Retail POS with eCommerce

The point of sale (POS) system has become a popular software for eCommerce stores. This system will support you to focus on the sales process. In other words, you can manage transactions, inventory, customers, and employees of both online and retail stores. Learn more about the POS systems, you can realize that using the suitable ones once you can gain many benefits.

Moreover, when you connect your POS system with another application or other eCommerce Platform, you can experience more benefits. This practice can increase the customer experience as well as improve your operational efficiency. In this article, we will take a look at  POS integration, especially eCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration. 

What is E-commerce POS Integration?

To understand simply, eCommerce POS integration is a connection stream between your POS software and an eCommerce platform. In the other words, your POS system will synchronize with eCommerce sites such as Shopify, BigCommerce, or Wix. In this way, the data of product information, sales, customer insights, etc will be integrated into one system and updated in real-time.

E-Commerce POS integration is an essential practice. Because it’s a bridge between your online eCommerce site and offline POS system. All the data from the eCommerce platform will be put into the point at sale dashboard. So, you can manage and analyze all things in one place.

However, choosing the right system to synchronize with your eCommerce store is a challenge. So, in this article, we will introduce the eCommerce LightSpeed Integration for you in case you are considering a suitable one. 

5 Benefits of Lightspeed Retail POS Integration

An overview of Lightspeed Retail POS system

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based POS provider. Your data in the eCommerce store will be transferred to the point of sale system via the cloud. It gives you the solution for brick-and-mortar retailers. The store owners can manage lots of things in one place. It includes inventory management, retail store management, payment processing, purchase order management, and accounting software integration.

It provides you with three plans based on your business budgets to meet your requirements. 

  • Lean plan – $79 per month
  • Standard plan – $139 per month
  • Advanced plan – $ 239 per month

With 643 live websites using Lightspeed POS, according to BuiltWith, this system holds 14.07 percent of the market share. It’s in the Top 10 most used point of sale systems. In the future, it will grow even stronger.

The Benefits of Integrating Lightspeed Retail POS with eCommerce

Integrating your eCommerce store with Lightspeed POS, such as Lightspeed Shopify Integration, will help you grow your business. It creates communication between two systems to exchange the data. There are many benefits when you conduct the eCommerce Lightspeed Retail POS integration. Come with us to detail each of them.

Ease to use and set up

Firstly, the Lightspeed POS system is one of the most popular software for all sizes of businesses. Registering and setting up via simple steps within a few minutes. It’s designed to be used on computers that run Apple’s macOS or Windows operating systems. Also, its app is compatible with iPads running Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Reduce operating costs

The operating costs include all prices to run your business such as equipment, licenses, rent, inventory costs, marketing budget, payroll, etc. However, it doesn’t cover the non-operating expenses like interest charges, investments, or loss on the sale of assets, etc. By calculating the operating costs, you can analyze your business and then decide to maximize your profits. 

So, the easy way to increase your revenue is by reducing your operating costs. Integrating your online store with Lightspeed Retail POS will save time and human efforts. It uses your business data to help you make smarter decisions. Moreover, the data is integrated easily, so your employees can focus on other important things. 

Sell on multiple eCommerce platforms

In case you sell your products on other platforms or marketplaces to increase your business brand awareness. Because each platform has its unique features, and you want to utilize it to maximize your business profits. It sounds great! But, you have to spend lots of time managing everything. 

Therefore, to save your time and money, Lightspeed Retail POS has the feature to support you. By integrating your brick-and-mortar store to Lightspeed, you can sell your product on multiple eCommerce stores. With Lightspeed you can create more sales opportunities, increase your audience and manage your stores in one place.

Deliver organic traffic to your web store.

One of the benefits of Lightspeed we want to introduce to you is its search engine optimization feature. Lightspeed includes the SEO tool to help you rank your website. The shoppers can find your store on Google to view your store inventory in real-time. Moreover, they can check the stock availability, avail promotions, or find the directions.

With eCommerce Lightspeed integration, it contributes to your store website’s organic search traffic conversion rate.  Also, you can upload logos and change the colors, fonts, and layout of the page to match your brand.

Manage online inventory

To run an effective store, you must need an online inventory system. It is a process for controlling the inflow and outflow of your product in real-time. Helping you to automate tracking stock, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction. Also, it allows you to create detailed sales reports. 

With a good cloud-based system as Lightspeed Retail, it will help you manage an online inventory. It allows you to add all products into the system and manage them from in one place. Your products will be filtered into different categories, so your customers can easily view and buy the needed products. With eCommerce Lightspeed integration, your customers will make their own return requests and the products will automatically be re-added to your stock. Also, it allows you to offer the customers a refund directly with full or partial credit. 

Increase customer experience

Integrating Lightspeed Retail POS with eCommerce will help you serve your customers better. It accepts in-store payment with cash, coins, or card. Also, it includes a mobile payment option for sale. So, your customer will don’t waste time waiting when making the payment. Moreover, to maximize customer satisfaction, it allows you to create discounts and promotions across all channels in one way.

Integrate with shipping management

Delivery is one of the biggest concerns of merchants. Finding a good solution will help them to do the daily tasks easily, fast, and efficiently. By integrating Lightspeed Retail with an eCommerce platform, you can resolve this problem. 

It allows you to publish shipping labels directly from your website store, supply the tracking numbers to inform customers about shipping progress. Also, it helps you improve the shipment accuracy, and delivers products depending on the variety of criteria. Your customer will receive a notification on each successful order. You can control the order statuses, the quantities of inventory, and the shipping data in real-time.

How to Integrate Lightspeed with any eCommerce Platform?

The challenge of Integration

Integration is a necessary practice for all businesses, who want to expand their brand. But, it has various challenges. For eCommerce, Lightspeed Integration will be faced with those problems. In case you have an in-house integration development, you might spend much time hiring and training developers. Also, you might spend a lot of money on integration development, infrastructure setup, and developer salaries. Moreover, the Lightspeed API is always updated, so it is hard to manage them. So, if you are not a coding expert, you should find an eCommerce integration platform.

The way to integrate Lightspeed Retail POS with any eCommerce platform

There are many ways to connect your eCommerce store with Lightspeed Retail POS systems. For small businesses that don’t have big product catalogs. You can find an available app and plugin on the Lightspeed App Store or eCommerce App store. Choosing one of them and registering with a monthly subscription. But, this solution is laminated, it can’t help you to link the multi-store, automate the integration of data, and buy online pick-up in-store.

For more complex demands, you need quality integration providers. Hiring and working with them to conduct the eCommerce Lightspeed Integration. Many eCommerce solutions providers are working with both Lightspeed POS and eCommerce platforms. Beehexa will help you automate business processes by hexasync. 

Hexasync is one of the leading integration platforms as a middleware. It will help you to access the data of your online store and synchronize it with the Lightspeed POS system. Working hexasync the data of Product Category, Shipment, Customer, Invoice, Order, Products will connect between two systems. One of the best practices about hexasync is data monitoring. That means you can track the streamlining of your integrated data. 

In conclusion, Integrating Lightspeed Retail POS with an eCommerce store is a great solution for all sizes of businesses. We hope that you find worthwhile information via this article. If you have more questions about integrating, please contact us via email. The support is available 24/7.