Benefits of hiring a professional AC maintenance company in Dubai

Protecting your air conditioner is always important to avoid needless AC repairs, especially during the sweltering UAE summers. You may avoid dealing with such problems if your home has an AC maintenance contract in place. On the contrary, if you are experiencing AC issues at home and require emergency AC repair & service from a highly qualified, renowned company in the UAE, benefit from our AC Maintenance Dubai home maintenance package.

What Can I Expect From Dubai’s Best AC Service?

Naturally, the level of a professional air conditioning repair relies on the plan to which you’ve subscribed. Nonetheless, this is what our certified AC Repair Dubai does.

Cleaning the condenser fins and air intake filters

After prolonged usage, an air conditioner’s intake/filter collects enormous amounts of dust and contaminants. Additionally, the added mileage results in worn pulleys and belts. The state of the air conditioner is dangerous. Filters that are clogged and unclean release toxins into the air. Additionally, it will snap rusted belts and pulleys, causing more damage and making the issue much worse.

AC Cleaning of Indoor/Outdoor Condenser and Evaporator Coils

The primary threat to an air conditioning system is dirt particles. Debris, moisture, and dust clog AC lines and coils, which lowers the device’s productivity, causes the machine to overheat, and maybe possibly cause a breakdown. In addition to the inside condenser coils, the outdoor coils can also get rather dirty if the surrounding area is dusty or there are trees (dry leaves can get lodged within the outdoor unit). If dirt is building up on the condenser coils fins, it may be clearly seen and located.

Cleaning & Restoration of Blade Shape for AC Fins

An air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils include aluminum fins that can bend and get dust-coated. This causes the air to move more slowly through the air vents, which decreases efficiency. To guarantee that you get the most cooling and airflow from your air conditioner, clean the fins and optimize the blower motor’s performance. As a result, the appliance operates at peak efficiency and uses less power.

Fixing Drain Line Leaks and Clogs

A unit cannot reduce humidity if the drain channels are clogged, and the extra moisture that results causes the AC unit’s mounting wall to leak and become discolored.

Coolant Level and AC Gas Leaks Inspection

Does your air conditioner run but doesn’t provide adequate cooling? Don’t worry; we cover problem identification and resolution in our AC Service Dubai. This entails checking the cooling tower for good operation and making sure the refrigerant is filled precisely.

Our specialists will check the evaporator or conditioning coils’ coolant levels as part of the AC tune-up. You have a leak in your coils if it’s low.

If there is not enough coolant (Freon), the cooling coil temperature drops below the acceptable range, and the air conditioner stops cooling.

Increasing Electrical Connection Tightness & Lubricating Moving Parts

The thermostat will be calibrated by our professionals, who will also make sure it is fitted correctly and operates as intended.

Additionally, our expert will check electrical connectors for reliability. Testing and strengthening weak electrical connections can help you prevent potential electrical dangers and extend the life of your air conditioner.

Device components quickly deteriorate in the lack of lubrication, necessitating more regular maintenance and/or replacement. Therefore, lubrication will also be done.

Examining General Condition

Your air conditioner’s components may all be thoroughly inspected to find any little problems that could develop into major ones and cause malfunctions. You will be informed of any repairs that are required or any less obvious issues that might later result in significant costs for you.

The major parts of the air conditioner, including the compressor, fan motor, evaporator panel, condenser unit, and thermostat, are examined by the AC specialist while it is running to check for any problems.

During the overhauling of the AC, if any flaws are found in the components, the expert will recommend a remedy or replacement as necessary.


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