Benefits of Hiring a Local Commercial Cleaning Company

Finding the right commercial cleaning company for your business can be difficult. There are a lot of options to choose from and bigger cleaning companies will be targeting you for business. However, there are many reasons why using a local commercial cleaning company is likely a better choice for you. Opting to hire a local company is a way for you to get precisely what you’re looking for while supporting the local community simultaneously. 

There are many benefits to hiring commercial cleaners for your business:

  • Create a healthier work environment.
  • Employees call out less because you minimize bacteria and germs.
  • The space looks professional.
  • Boost team morale when you give them a clean and relaxing environment. 

Hiring locally can tack even more benefits onto that list — let’s take a look at some key ways local cleaning companies hold the competitive edge.

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Cleaning Company

Going local over a larger nationwide company can be better for many reasons. They’re easier to vet, more attentive, offer more service customization options, and they allow you to support your community in important ways.

Vetting Is Easier

With national brands, you often have to rely on phone calls, emails, and chats to get what you need. Let’s face it: even if a company has great customer service, issues can still arise. These issues are much easier to figure out in person (or at the very least, over the phone with a human being). On top of that, it’s easier to get a feel for a business to understand if they are a good fit and whether they will tailor their services to your specific needs. 

A commercial cleaning business may look good online with flashy web graphics to match, but can be unprofessional and unpleasant in person. It’s tough to get a feel for a cleaning business online; you just get an impression of the company’s “storefront.” Meeting face to face is a much better option for your company. 

Attentive Care

A large franchise may have a lot of clients they are trying to squeeze into an already busy schedule. This means they may not take as much pride in their work and the service may not meet your expectations. When you partner with a local company, they take pride in each partnership. Close, trusted relationships are critical for smaller brands.

In the majority of cases, you will get the most attentive care with a local commercial cleaning business. Smaller businesses are naturally more concerned about their customers, and they have more time to devote to each client they have. Your needs are taken more seriously when you partner with someone local. 

Supporting Your Community

By working together, you create a stronger community and keep that money circulating locally. This helps the economy grow, helps your business succeed, and acts as a way to lift up your whole area as you strive for success together. Buying from small brands in your community is the best way to stimulate the local economy and ensure the area prospers. 

When you work with someone local, it’s likely they already are partnered with other local companies. This can be beneficial for your company because it’s easy to find references for them and it’s a way for you to network.

Customized Services

Commercial cleaning conglomerates may not let you ask for a customized package. This means you may be paying for things that you don’t really need. A smaller local company will often be more willing to work around your personal preferences and create a pricing plan based on that. This saves you money, keeps time-to-clean lower, and of course, gives you a clean workspace.

Bigger companies will have a few plans with services attached, but they will not deviate from those services unless your facility will offer considerable revenue. Unfortunately, this does not work for everyone. Cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all, and it should be customized based on each business. This is one of the best reasons to try out a local commercial cleaning company over a franchise. 

Working With a Local Cleaning Company

To create a safe work experience for your employees, you should be cleaning the workspace regularly. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t have time to work all day and clean all night, and that is why it is so crucial to outsource cleaning work. Finding the right local cleaning company is the best option for your city and your company, especially if you have specialized needs that require a particular service. 

By finding a local commercial cleaning business, you will be able to have face to face communication, get better care and cleaning services, and support the local economy.