Benefits of getting teeth implants in Poland

Dental implants have been gaining popularity over the years since they offer many benefits for health but a downside is the price of this treatment. Fortunately, you can get affordable teeth implants in Poland.

Actually, getting dental work in Poland offers many more benefits than just low prices, so maybe you should learn a little more about dental tourism, this could be the affordable solution you’ve been looking for.

Why are teeth implants cheaper in Poland?

Many people may think that lower prices mean lower quality too, but that’s not the case with dentistry in Poland.

Low prices in Poland are due to the low cost of living in the country in comparison with living in the UK. Salaries, renting, and other basic expenses are lower so dentists in Poland can offer their professional services at lower prices without damaging their profits.

Teeth implants cost in Poland

Teeth implants prices in Poland can be even 40% or 50% cheaper than in the UK.

When we talk about full mouth dental implants, prices in Poland go from £4,000 to £9,000 while in the UK the prices go from £7,000 to £28,000.

A single dental implant cost in the Uk goes from £2,000 to  £2,500, while in Poland getting the same treatment will cost you between £500 and £2,000.

High-quality dental care

Poland is internationally well-known as one of the best places to get high-quality dental treatments. Mainly due to the strict regulations that Polish dentists must follow in order to practice their profession legally.

Most Polish dentists get their degrees abroad, in countries like the UK and the USA, and many of them also have specializations and are committed to continued education. As an extra fact, Poland follows the European Union policies when it comes to dentistry practices, so, getting teeth implants in Poland will be pretty similar to getting them in the UK but at a more affordable price.  

Modern techniques and facilities

Being a country dedicated to dental tourism, dental clinics in Poland are constantly innovating. One of the many advantages that former dental tourism patients highlight is the state-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment.

This, together with the constant academic updating of dentists, allows them to offer one of the best experiences to patients who come from all over the world to receive dental treatment.

It is important to highlight that dentists and staff in dental clinics in Poland are prepared to communicate in some of the most popular languages like English, french and german, so communication should not be a problem for British patients.

Different treatment options

It is very usual for patients to choose the cheapest options when it comes to materials in order to save some money, but getting dental implants in Poland will allow you to choose some of the best materials for your implants.

Dental clinics in Poland work mostly with international brands like Straumann and Nobel Biocare, yet, these brands are still affordable if you undergo the procedure in Poland.

It is the same with the dental crowns that are placed on top of the implants, you can get the best materials like porcelain or zirconia at affordable prices.  

Easily accessible location for the British

A flight from the UK to Poland takes only 2 hours 30 minutes, and flight prices start as low as £20. This means you can travel to Poland, get your dental work done and go back to the UK on the same day, and in this way you can save extra expenses such as accommodation. However, if you decide to stay for a few days, you can find accommodation for very affordable prices, especially if you get a full dental tourism package since clinics can help you find the best deals. 


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