Benefits of facial cleansing: pros and cons

Problematic skin and cosmetic imperfections have become more and more of a concern for modern women. This is due to unfavorable environmental conditions, improper diet, and various health problems. But cosmetologists have found a way to deal with aesthetic skin problems – this is facial cleansing using various methods. This cosmetic procedure allows you to eliminate acne and comedones effectively and cleanse dead cells, improving skin color.

To date, several options for cosmetic facial cleansing are used:

  • mechanical,
  • ultrasonic,
  • laser,
  • gas-liquid,
  • chemical,
  • vacuum.

Why do you need a facial?

This procedure does not belong to the category of pleasant. However, it is widely used in beauty salons and beauty centers. Modern citizens quite often expose their skin to negative environmental influences, lead an unhealthy lifestyle, and frequent stress and irregular nutrition further exacerbate metabolic processes in the body. Our skin becomes dull and covered with pimples or acne. To eliminate these cosmetic problems effectively, you should clean your face regularly.

This procedure can be carried out by hardware (hydra facial) or manually. The skin of the face is preliminarily prepared, and only after that does the doctor proceed directly to the removal of acne, blackheads, clogged pores, etc. The mechanical cleaning of the face, performed manually, has shown the greatest effectiveness.

Facial cleansing at a beautician: pros and cons

Of course, many of us often perform manual facial cleansing at home. Therefore, many do not understand why you need to go to a beauty salon for this. But it is worth noting that improperly performed facial cleansing can lead to the aggravation of problems and not to their elimination.

That is why facial cleansing by a beautician has its advantages. Indeed, in the salon, the process takes place under sterile conditions; the expert pre-prepares the skin and eliminates problems with minimal trauma to the skin. The disadvantages of mechanical cleaning of the face include the pain of the procedure and the need for a recovery period. Immediately after the procedure, you will not be able to go to an important event. Therefore, if you have such a trip planned, do a facial cleansing in advance.

Benefits of ultrasonic facial cleansing

This method of skin cleansing can be attributed to hardware because cleaning is carried out using a special device with a blade that emits ultrasonic vibrations. It is under their influence that the pores are cleansed, dead cells, sebum are eliminated, etc.

Pros or benefits of ultrasonic facial cleansing:

  • the skin is effectively cleansed of dead cells and fat,
  • increased blood flow
  • the skin is saturated with oxygen,
  • accelerates cellular metabolism,
  • improves skin tone.

Ultrasound facial cleaning cons:

  • little power to fight comedones,
  • only gentle peeling of the skin is carried out.

Be that as it may, today, any cosmetic methods of skin cleansing are considered necessary and the most effective procedures. They should be carried out regularly to consolidate the effect and surprise others with radiant, healthy skin.


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