Benefits of Document Scanning for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Document scanning is an integral step in digital transformation. Be it any industry, document scanning helps automate workflow for enhanced productivity and better results. And educational institutes are no exception. With online learning on the rise and the ever-increasing paperwork, document scanning can benefit in many ways.

Document scanning can immensely help schools, colleges, and universities. These benefits are listed below.

  • Better Information Preservation: Whether it’s student data or staff details, document scanning helps preserve information in a better way. Printed records may get lost here and there, but digital documents can be quickly saved for years from physical damage. Since educational institutes deal with a large number of documents every day, making use of a document scanner to protect data becomes critical. This applies to institutes of all sizes.
  • Better Security: No matter how much you try to keep those confidential documents safe, you can’t do anything once it reaches the wrong hands. The same is not possible with digital records. Today, a robust online document scanner is capable of keeping your data highly safe with impressive features such as password protection, data encryption, and digital signature. But, not all document scanners provide such strong security. You must deftly choose the best one for your institute.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Sharing a single document with multiple educators and head of departments takes too much time. Making multiple copies of the same document will use more paper and resources. With document scanning, you can say goodbye to these tedious processes by sharing access with numerous personnel. Teachers and academics in various locations can view these files without a hitch, which is especially required when working remotely.
  • Lesser Use of Space: Paper documents take a lot of space for storage. Be it large cabinets or storage rooms, it will cost too high. Hence, the best option is to go digital by scanning all the documents. You can share access to these files with authorized users. As mentioned above, robust security features will keep your data absolutely safe.
  • Save Time and Cost: Increased paperwork leads to increased costs in printing documents. Also, it adds up more time. Instead of spending money on paper, ink, and printers, choose document scanning. With a leading document scanning SDK, you can convert mobile phones into document scanning devices.
  • Good for Environment: According to the World Counts, paper accounts form 33% of municipal waste and 25% of landfill waste. In addition, 50% of businesses’ waste comprises paper. Hence, educational institutes need to minimize paperwork for a better and greener planet. Choosing document scanning will help them do so.

Choose Mobile Document Scanning to Save Time and Money

Why spend money on those expensive scanners when you can turn a smartphone into a mobile scanner? For this, you’ll need a document scanning SDK that will help you create document scanning web applications for mobile users. They also provide features such as editing, saving, and uploading files right from the mobile camera. There is no need to install anything extra other than the app to perform mobile web capture on iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

A leading document scanning SDK would let you add document scanning capability in your web application with one or two lines of code. Also, it will allow you to download free trials to try before you make a purchase. This way, you can see if the solution suits your institute’s requirements. You can try multiple options to choose the best one.

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