Benefits of Different Therapy Methods, Like Emotionally Focused Therapy

Having trouble pinpointing what your feelings are recently? Come to Pleasant Grove Utah and visit A Little Peace of Hafen for emotionally focused therapy sessions. Pleasant Grove, Utah offers confidential, individual, and couple counseling that focuses on reducing anxiety and depression. Jay Hafen is certified in cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and emotionally focused treatment with an MSc in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Jay has extensive counseling experience in working with behavioral issues, and LGBTQ+ issues. He is also NOJOS-certified.

Therapy is only as good as the therapeutic relationship. Jay is committed to building trust and a personal relationship with each client, while always being honest and trustworthy. Jay’s counseling methods have been proven to deliver the right help for clients. A Little Peace of Hafen is a great option for those looking for holistic counseling in Pleasant Grove, Utah or the surrounding areas. You don’t have to deal with your problems by yourself. Our office is easy to reach and family-friendly.

The types of therapy we offer are Attachment-based, existential, cognitive behavioral, experiential and emotionally focused therapies.


A therapy approach that targets the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of patients who have learned to suppress or avoid attachments.

This unique type of psychotherapy focuses on problems from a philosophical perspective. Existential therapy focuses on the whole human condition and encourages us to take responsibility for our achievements.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

A short-term, goal-oriented, psychotherapy treatment that uses a practical, hands-on approach to problem solving. It works by changing people’s thinking and behavior, which can lead to a change in their emotions.

Experiential Therapy

This is a therapeutic technique that makes use of expressive tools and activities such as music, art, animal care, guided imagery, and role-playing. It allows you to live and relive past or recent emotional

Emotionally Focused (EFT)

Emotionally focused therapy is a therapeutic approach that relies on the idea that emotions are crucial to identity. Emotionally focused therapy believes that emotions can guide individual decision-making and choice making. This therapy assumes that avoiding negative emotions or lacking emotional awareness can lead to harm.

Trust is the most important aspect to therapy. The first session should focus on building trust with your therapist. Visit our website to schedule an appointment today at our Pleasant Grove location today.

Little Peace of Hafen offers comprehensive emotionally focused therapy in Pleasant Grove, Utah as well as counseling for anxiety, depression, faith transitions, or LGBTQ issues.