Benefits of Data Visualization in Business Model

Information is the currency in this age of technology. The correlation between data and idea is the key to the understanding of the world’s functionality. People say data is the new oil. It makes us wonder, why is data so valuable to us? Well, for starters, visual aids help us comprehend charts and diagrams better. We can see clearly the motivation behind those dry digits. It helps the CEOs of the company to stride a different direction. The tech billionaire makes a smart investment because of the visual indication of data guides him to a distinct path. It enables the journalist to track media surges of particular news. Data mapping benefits the entertainment industry to keep a track of the ups and lows, so that they know what the audiences like and thus whom to invest in and how much.


Every company heavily depends upon the analyst to play with the numbers. It’s the analyst’s job to make everyone understand what those numbers represent. A lot of research goes into the classifying and evaluating those numbers. But if one cannot easily make others recognize the benefits and significance of altering those numbers, the hard work will go to waste. Here comes the importance of data visualization tools. There are lots of fantastic tools out there that will help analyse and mapping of data. Some might require a bit of coding, while others will not.



  • The world is rapidly moving into the online platform. From a local store to multinational companies, all have their online presence. They have blogs as well as social media pages. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter lets you run a paid advertisement campaign. Facebook has built its advertisement policies in such a way that one can easily target a certain area and age group. This should be the initial step to obtain the data that you require.

  • When you run an advertisement, certain data are collected by the system. It lets you know the engagement of the ad with people. Also, data will show how many reach it got and how many people did not entertain it at all. At this point you have cultivated enough data; the next step is to dissect them. Now it will be a smart move to analyse those numbers. Analysing the data will give insight into the advertisement and in a broader sense to the product as well.

  • There are various data analytic tools available in the market to help you map the information that is gathered from social media. These tools will simplify the data and categorically divide them into coloured charts, boxes and graphs so that anyone can understand the problems and the minor glitches in the system. Once, they are identified and located, one has to take steps to properly improve those sectors.


These present data visualization tools are used not only by tech companies and industries. They are also used in the electoral campaign for a better understanding of the strategies of the opponent and to stay one foot forward in the game. These tools are used in schools and universities to monitor students’ activities and needs. To put it simply we are bombarded with an extraordinary proportion of data every single minute. If we don’t have the tools to map them appropriately we are squandering resources and the opportunity to learn better and earn better.