Benefits Of Compression Garments Everyone Must Know

People give so much attention to their diet and workout plans. And why not? Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. But not much thought is spared to what we wear. Think about it. When was the last time you actually considered that clothing could have an impact on your overall well being?

Yes, most people consider clothing to be nothing more than fashion and style accessories. However, fitness clothing is here to change your perception. Technological advancements have shown their effects on every walk of life, and clothing is no exception. And you will soon realize this once you start using compression garments.

What Are Compression Garments All About?

Before we move onto discussing the various benefits offered by compression clothing, it’s imperative that you have a better understanding of what they are. No, contrary to popular belief, compression clothing items aren’t only those that are ultra-tight and revealing. There’s a lot more to them than you realize.

Compression garments are designed to provide you with various health benefits. They enhance lymphatic and blood flow to specific limbs. They also improve your performance and help you in the healing process. 

Yes, you might not find enough evidence to support how compression clothing works. But studies have substantiated that these garments indeed increase oxygen uptake and reduce lactic acid levels in the blood.

To put it clearly, every tight fabric cannot be considered a compression garment. This clothing is designed to ensure that its tightness influences your blood flow and keeps you warm. And that too without hindering your movement!

The Benefits Of Compression Garments To Watch Out For

Have you ever wondered why most athletes wear compression clothing? Why do most people opt for compression garments while working out? Let’s find out how these clothing items help them in their endeavors.

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

Yes, you read that right! Compression garments like shorts can actually improve athletic performance significantly. Studies have revealed that such items not only reduce muscle fatigues during workouts but also reduce the level of perceived exertion.

If that wasn’t enough, compression garments also enhance your power and ability to jump while simultaneously improving oxygen flow to your muscle. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Think about it. Every effect of compression garments we have outlined has a vital influence on your athletic performance. And the best part is that these garments produce less friction! They give you the much-needed support and ensure that you remain comfortable during your performance. Indeed, compression clothing can be a valuable asset for every athlete out there. 

  • Reduce The Risk Of Injuries And Also Speed Up Recovery

It’s not only your performance that benefits from compression garments. These items can also ease your recovery phase. It has been established via studies that you recover quickly after strenuous exercise if you are wearing compression clothing. And this includes resistance-based workouts too!

If you wear compression garments for your workout, you will experience less muscle soreness at the end of your session. This, along with the extra support and enhanced blood circulation, reduces the chances of developing muscle strain during exercising.

  • Treatment Of Leg Ulcers

Ulcers in the lower legs are more common than you realize. Of course, you have to ensure that they remain clean so that infection is prevented. However, compression stockings too can help you out.

Ensure that you get a graded compression stocking for this purpose. Indeed, it will speed up the healing process. With other measures recommended by your doctor, compression stocking will ensure that your ulcers are healed in a much shorter span than you could have anticipated.

  • Prevent Varicose Veins 

Compression garments are often recommended by medical professionals, too, especially to those suffering from varicose veins? Why? The compression tights and socks squeeze the lower legs gently, thereby promoting the return of blood to the heart. As a result, the pain and swelling due to varicose veins are alleviated. And you will also notice their reduced appearance within a short span.

Varicose veins are a common problem during pregnancy. Hence pregnant women are encouraged to wear compression stockings throughout the period to reduce the risk. Additionally, women also develop leg swelling in the later stages of pregnancy. Compression garments can help with that too!

  • Prevention And Treatment Of DVT 

Certain situations restrict your mobility for a long time. It could be a medical condition or even during traveling. Some people are at significant risk of developing deep venous thrombosis due to this immobility. Compression garments can be of immense value in reducing the risk of developing the condition.

Even those who have recently had DVT will find compression stockings to be highly beneficial. Wearing them daily and as per your doctor’s recommendation can provide you relief from the condition sooner.

  • Treatment Of Lymphoedema 

Lymphoedema is a common condition that develops after various surgeries, particularly the ones associated with cancer treatment. Typically, lymph nodes are removed during such surgeries, affecting the drainage of fluids from the limbs.

Compression garments can help in ensuring this fluid returns to the heart instead of accumulating elsewhere. As a result, you wouldn’t have to experience the pain, swelling, and similar other complications associated with Lymphoedema.

  • Get Relief After A Tiring Day

You don’t always have to wait for a medical condition or your workout sessions to make the most of these compression garments. They can prove you immense relief after a hectic day at work.

Isn’t it often that you return home after work and are barely able to stand? The pain in your legs renders you incapable of doing anything else. Compression stockings can be of help in such a situation.

Here’s the thing. When you are on your feet all day, the blood pools in your leg, leading to discomfort. Compression garments squeeze your legs, ensuring that your vein isn’t congested. You would be surprised how comfortable you feel after you start wearing this daily! If your work requires you to be on your feet all day, try the men’s compression tights Australia for good leg support.

Make The Most Of Compression Garments

There’s so much that you can get out of compression clothing with ContourMD. Of course, the quality matters. The right one can help you in your workout sessions, reduce the risk of injuries and keep you comfortable all day long! Don’t wait for a medical condition! Start using compression garments to get the soothing feel and comfort now!